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Must have/Most hated

As far as your pregnancy goes, what are your Must Have and Most Hated items.

For the BTDT moms, what are your Must Have and Most Hated baby items.

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Have to have dermoplast spray for your "girly bits" after delivery...and ice;0) So nice~ lots of snacks too!
Love the boppy, pack n play, incline sleeper, nasal bulb, nail file (instead of clipping...)
Hate...ummm, not really anything... Some kids like the swing/bouncer/activity center...some didn't...
I'm sure I am forgetting a ton of things.
I love mittens, and esp. the outfits w/ mittens, baby socks with the soft tops that stay Pampers diapers, purple desitin!

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I don't have very many things, and what I did get free from people was used rarely...

Must haves:
Ring sling AND husband that uses it!
Bumbo seat (A must for DS1 and DD, but not DS2)
a husband who can cook
top-bottom outfits WITH FEET - so much easier to change a diaper rather than a onesie.
A room of the house to escape with baby.

Most hated:
diaper sprays and bum ointments - we washed all three off in water under the sink regularly and it works great - rare diaper rashes. No need to spend money on diaper wipes either.