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MW appointment

Yes, boring I know because we all have appointments, but surprise, surprise, I gained 7 lbs in the past 2 weeks!!! LOL. I think I gained the same amount over the past 5 months...

Everything else looking good, just don't think I've ever gained like that before! Rather disconcerting, but then I was doing way more exercise than I have been over the past couple weeks and eating excellent food so at least I know I've been healthy!

I think part of it is just a little swelling in my feet and ankles from the heat.

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Yes, I am expecting to find out at my appointment today that I've gained a lot of weight these last two weeks - I've definitely noticed the swelling that has come with the heat!! It was 96 here yesterday with tropical dew points, so I'm really a mess at the moment. LOL

I wouldn't worry about it - if you're taking care of yourself and eating well, you're just fine! Wink