My "August" Baby is finally here!!!

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My "August" Baby is finally here!!!

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Popping in to say HELLO! I have a(nother) son!!! WOOT!

Nathan Edward teased me with labour but when he finally decided to show up he was an 8 hour labour (5 hours active labour). We transferred to the hospital because Nathan's heart was dropping to the 70's and not recovering well. So we transferred while I was 8cm. When we got to the hospital I was pushing in the hall way. By the time we were in the room they stripped me of my pants and out came my posterior baby! I pushed out a 14.5inch head posterior baby in about 5 minutes!!! All drug free!!! Yes, I'm sad I didn't get to home birth, but I am so proud of this birth!
I had amazing support - I could NOT have done this without them. There's not a doubt in my mind that if I had planned a hospital birth I would have had an epidural. I know I would have. But I am so proud to have done this without. I am still on such a high. I got my natural birth!
I felt so defeated and weak after William's birth. I remember for weeks (months) after Williams birth I was apologizing to him that I wasn't strong enough to birth him without an epidural (when I know that was not the case! But we won't get into that).
This birth, I feel so strong! I know this birth rocked me, and took a lot out of me and my team. It hurt like f***!! But man was it worth it!

Recovery is so much easier this time. I tore naturally (2nd degree) and it's still tender, but it feels so much better than my episiotomy that I had with William.

I'll post my full birth story when I finish it. I'm still processing it and want to get it all down.

Nathan is a fantastic nurser. He's had a great latch from the start and my milk is already in! We are adjusting well. William is still unsure, but he is warming up.

Gahh, I am SO in love with my boys!!!! I think I need a few more exclamation marks in this post. There are not enough!

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I am so thrilled that you got your natural birth. I remember feeling the same way after William's birth. I wanted the homebirth but I couldn't get it. I was able to do it naturally and I was also on that same high after. YOu did amazing. Everyone said you were so freaking determined. I can't wait to get together and introduce my daughter to my FSIL (teehee) and I want to nom his chin 'caus it's so stinking cute.

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Wonderful news! So glad you got your natural birth also. Looking forward to reading your story. WTTW Nathan!

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WTTW little one and glad he finally decided to make his entrance! Congrats!