My babies are here!

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My babies are here!

I delivered at 1230 this am via c section after having contractions 1 minute apart for hours. Babies are 5 and 6 pounds. Some breathing trouble so they are intubated but other than that they are doing beautifully!!!!!

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Oh! Congratulations!!! I'm glad they're doing well! Smile

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Omg congrats!!!!!!!!

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I can't believe our first babies are here!! I hope everyone is doing well and you're resting up! Biggrin Can't wait to hear more details!

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OMG, our first August babies! Biggrin Congratulations!!! Enjoy those babies, but don't forget to come back very soon and share your birth story - I love reading about twin labors and births! Biggrin Oh, and we need pics, too!


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So exciting! Double congratulations! Don't forget to post updates here when time allows!

Having the first August babies born is rather scarey! You ladies all ready???

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OMG our first babies!!! How exciting is that!!! ?ber congrats. Keep up posted on how things go. Can't wait to see pics.

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Wow!!! I can't believe our first August babies are here. Congratulations! So glad they are doing well considering they are a little early. But those are pretty good weights for almost 35 weeks. Can't wait to see pics and hear the story!

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Wow, first August Cuddle Bugs are here! How exciting! I am so happy the babies are doing well. Pics as soon as you can so we can all see those precious little ones. Names?

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Look forward to hearing more when you get time.

Keep us posted!

I actually am surprised that our first August babies are only being born now! No super-preemies! WOOHOO!

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OMG!! How exciting, congrats!!! Smile

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can't believe we have our 1st August babies already!! Can't wait to see some pics!

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Congrats to you!!