My hips!

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My hips!

I've been lucky I feel so far because I'm had little to no pain anywhere. Of course after I told my grandma that on the phone yesterday I went to the mall to do some shopping for a wedding, 50th anniversary, and 3 bdays. By the time I got home I felt like my hips were going to come apart. Then whn DH got home I had to go grocery shopping which just made it eve worse. It was so bad I was nearly in tears, so I took some tylenol and went to bed early hoping it would be better this morning...No DICE! It's not really painful but a horrible dull ache throughout.

It's way too early for this if you ask me. I didn't have this issue with DS until about 30 weeks. I have a dr appointment Tuesday, I'm hoping I can just hold out until then. Anyone else having these issues yet??

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I did a few weeks ago; but, it only lasted a few days. I had been doing a lot of running around for those few days and in heels for some of it. When I switched to flat shoes, I was fine! The dull ache hasn't come back; but, I'm now having sharper pains in my hips when I sleep on one side for too long!

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I have been having charlie horse like pains in my belly - i guess that's the round ligament stuff. Never had it with DS1 so was really shocking, if i go to move the wrong way it's like OW!

If I walk alot then I start to have pain my hips, I rest then it goes away.

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This is me today!!! I've been having DH rub my hips off and on all evening, they are killing me! It's like a dull achey pain and it won't go away. It's also my legs too though, it's basically everything starting at my hips and down. I've never had it with any of my others this early at least not that I can remember.

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I got Pelvic pain where I couldn't walk w/ DD (#3 child)...from 19 wks on...
It has started again...(21 weeks I really was having issues) Every step is a stabbing pain...hard to get up and walk off...
I can feel the pelvis grind...and it HURTS! It does stop after delivery...the babies are starting to really press on the pelvis....and the hormones are relaxing...making the pelvis unstable.
(edited to add...because of the hips, which were bad from cheering, riding horses, and swimming...really hurt too!)