Nabothian cyst on my cervix - XP

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Nabothian cyst on my cervix - XP

This is x-posted from the Birthing Naturally board in an attempt to get as much advice as possible...

So yesterday I had an OB appointment. When I went to the bathroom to leave my urine sample, I noticed blood tinged mucous when I wiped. In addition, I wasn't feeling great, so I got a little worried and mentioned it to my OB during the appointment. He said that everything looked good, pregnancy-wise - my BP is awesome, I'm not having protein issues, no GD issues, no contractions, and no history of premature labor, but that it might be a good idea to check my cervix anyway. So he did. What he found was a nicely closed, thick cervix, and a nabothian cyst on my cervix that is about the size of a ping pong ball! That's huge! It's most likely that, coupled with the fact that DH and I had BD'd the previous night, that caused the blood tinge in my mucous. He said that he's not worried about it being cancerous, but it is large and there is a possibility that we may want to drain it... but he thinks there is a possibility that if we do that, it may just fill back up again... which scares me as far as my delivery goes...

He said that if you imagine the cyst compared to the baby's head, size-wise, that you'd think baby's head should win, so there may be no issues at all. But what worries me is that it may affect dilation, and cause my labor to not progress which would, of course, probably lead to interventions and a possible c-section. He mentioned that we can talk about it more at my next appointment with him (in 4 weeks - my next appt in 2 weeks is with a NP) and discuss the possibilities.

Have any of you dealt with this before? Should I press for him to drain it before I hit 37 weeks so that it is smaller when I go into labor? I'm pretty sure that once I'm in labor there is no chance they will want to touch it... nor will I want them to touch it!

I'm really discouraged already that this may impede my natural birth... I need some advice.

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I dont have any experience or advice for you on that note.... I think I would lay my concerns out on the table with your doctor and maybe a female nurse (if your dr is male - just to get both perspectives) and make a decision from there. I am sorry you have to deal with this and hopefully it doesnt affect your birthing plans but I guess to look on the positive side, its not affecting you or the baby's health and thats a good thing. I hope all goes well with it though and you can make the right decision that will help you reach your goal of a natural birth!!

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I actually had to google this because I'd never heard of it...if that tells you how much I'm actually able to help. Just wanted you to know I'm hoping all goes well and you still get the birth you want. KUP on how things are going with it!

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Thanks - I've gotten a few responses from people who have had one or had experience with one during labor, but never one that big. We'll see what happens. I think that I've decided to ask my OB to drain the cyst at my next appointment, and hope that helps!

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I have never heard of this or had one. Sorry! I hope everything turns out ok though, keep us updated!

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This is a new one to me, as well! I hope everything turns out alright and you're able to have the birth you've been hoping for; but, in the end, as long as you and baby are healthy, that's all that truly matters! Keep us posted!