Nap nanny?

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Nap nanny?

So me being a new mom of twins, who recently figured out if I want any kind of sleep, I need to learn to feed both babies at the same time at night...well I been using a make shift pallet of blankets on the floor propping both up next to each I get a flyer in the mail from babies r us and as I flip through I see 'nap nanny', I was so excited... It's a way for me to easily feed both while they are in a recliner type chair. It's a little pricey- $129.99, but starting tomorrow $20 off this weekend. Just wondered if anyone has experience with this or has one to give thoughts?

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I've never heard of it, but if it cost $500 I would still buy it for the ease and maybe a chance to get some rest lol. You do what you gotta do mama. (((HUGS)))