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So I think that the nesting instinct has kicked in... this whole pregnancy I've kind of been sitting around the house like a blob on the weekends because our week is SO FULL of kids sports and activities that by the time Friday night rolls around, I am done. But this weekend I feel like I've been possessed! We had a busy weekend - Saturday was a taekwondo tournament that all three of my DDs were competing in, and Sunday was a gymnastics show for one of the twins.

But in between the tournament, and the gymnastics show, I was cleaning like a freaking madwoman!! And I'm talking deep cleaning - bathrooms, entryway, kitchen, etc. I was reorganizing, packing away winter stuff, cooking, etc. It's weird - it's like it all kicked in at once, and I snapped! LOL

Is anyone else feeling the nesting urge, yet, and going after your house??

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Ive actually been having that feeling but my weeks are busy as well, then the weekend I try to make some type of plans with the girls, even if its just to the park or a movie or something and then I have to balance between the rest I wish I could have and the cleaning I know and desire to do... plus I have been noticing that if I over do it too much in anything really braxton hicks start kicking in and I HATE that tightening feeling... so I just give in! But on the plus side overall I have been very productive in random projects- when I set out to get something done, I do it.

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Totally! DH and I just did a bunch of organizing, re-arranging and storing to make more space! The next step is cleaning the apartment from top to bottom; but, I'm too tired to continue now. I'll do some little by little through the week!

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I've got my list of stuff I need to do, but between DS exhausting me during the day and our insanely busy weekends by the the time I get any free time I'm napping instead! I've posted in on my fridge and occasionally I'll come home and see DH has done something! Those are great days!

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I've gotten the nesting urges - but they usually outlast my energy. I am hoping that I will really get some stuff done in the next few weeks. It's going to be here before we know it.