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While I am super big, super tired and really want to lay down much of the time... I find lately that I cant - unless of course I am so tired I feel sick which has been here and there... after this weekend is down, I have 2 weekends left until DH comes home from Afghanistan and then shortly after that, the babies could arrive anyday or well any week essentially (I read the average twin pg is 35.5 weeks so just in case)... I dont really feel pressured or anything since I started organizing and getting prepared for everything well in advance... I can tell that I my desire to get organized and do thorough cleaning sometimes overrides my inability to breath LOL - well not inability to breath just that when I clean I tend to huff and puff haha Anyway, just wondered whats going on with you other ladies?! Smile

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I am sure that you are ready for those babies to be born! I have only one and find it difficult, I can't imagine what it would be like with two. Yay for DH coming home!

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I remember how hard the last 8 weeks or so of my twin pregnancy was - hang in there and just be sure not to overdo it! I know it's hard when you have so much going on with work and your other kids, but you need to take care of yourself! Biggrin

I'm doing well - definitely getting harder to get comfortable when I'm standing, sitting, laying down - well, I'd say any time. LOL The chiropractic work must be helping, though, because even though I'm getting quite uncomfortable, I am not in as much pain as I have been throughout the 2nd and early 3rd tris. But I'm really noticing the fatigue, lately. Most nights I am toast by 9pm... and could sleep in until 10 or 11 if I didn't have to get up for work and other things!!

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For the most part, once I'm up or down it's OK...going in between is horrible though! I go to bed same time as DS anymore...but by 7am I can't sleep anymore. I have to get up to pee, and then end up crashing on the couch watching the news...hoping to fall back to sleep. I also seem to fall asleep on the couch about 2pm everyday! Not meaning too, but it's like clock work.

I think I've got most of my nesting stuff done...then I always think of something else.

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I have definitely been nesting, doing laundry for baby, washing stuff.. and just in general putting it away and getting it ready.

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oh GAWD no, I want to sit on my arse and do nothing LOL. I clean because I HAVE to and my 2 boys make it very hard to sit down for more than 2 minutes. I'm glad my 16 month old is still nursing because that gives me an excuse to park my exhausted butt hahahaha. I do find I'm having breathing problems this time around, I do get short of breath very easily. I never had taht with the other two, but then again I was pregnant in the Winter, so that may have something to do with it.

A mama of twins on my other board went at 42 weeks. her docs wanted to induce her but she refused. Hopefully you won't go too early, but hopefully not too late either Wink

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I've been forced into nesting since we sold our house (moving end of September).

I do NOT have a nesting instinct, I have a lay around and eat fudgecicles instinct! hahaha

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"azin_may" wrote:

I've been forced into nesting since we sold our house (moving end of September).

I do NOT have a nesting instinct, I have a lay around and eat fudgecicles instinct! hahaha

I'm nesting some, but this is so true too!!!! Except I've been craving Oreos!

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I do have a small urge to clean like a mad woman; but, the heat is just so unbearable (we live in a condo building) that I can't bring myself to do more than one thing per day after work. I guess it's better than nothing; but, the apartment has definitely been looking a little sloppy! haha DH should be home from work soon for a week or so and I'm thinking I'll make him tackle a lot of the bigger things for me!