Not Feeling Pregnant

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Not Feeling Pregnant

OK... so this is probably not a bad thing and I should not be complaining but I do not feel pregnant. This week I have so much energy that I run up the stairs! Who does that?!?! I am definitely pregnant and I look pregnant. I have to listen to the hb on my doppler just to make sure because I do not feel pregnant at all other than being tired around 8:30 at night instead of 10pm.

Does anyone else feel this way or am I just going crazy? This is my second and I was like this then also but it is still strange... Smile

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I’m with you. 8pm bed time and a general slow down of the intestines… other than that, I feel fine. Was actually surprised to hear a heartbeat last week at the midwife’s - and this is #4 for us.

Looking forward to being less exhausted in a couple weeks.

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I would consider yourself lucky! haha I actually woke up this morning and got sick! The nausea, etc. has been totally gone for at least three weeks now and, for some reason, today was a horrible day! If fatigue is your only symptom, you're doing great!

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I have days like that. Then there are days like yesterday and today where everything hurts, my digestive system is not working right, and I am exhausted and out of breath all the time...

Enjoy your second trimester - this is NOT last forever! LOL! Biggrin

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I'm with you! The only pregnancy sign I've had was in the first trimester when I was starving ALL the time. But that subsided during week 12 and now I feel nothing and am still not showing. If it weren't for all the ultrasounds we've had, I wouldn't believe it!

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Just when I think I'm finally done with the nausea.. it hits me all over. I'm so ready for second trimester!