This is NOT the time to be fat & pregnant...

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This is NOT the time to be fat & pregnant...

This heat is seriously ridiculous! The worst part isn't the temperatures, it's actually the humidity! It's tropical around here - dew points in the high 70s make for DANGEROUS heat... *sigh*

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Melissa, that is AWFUL weather for a preggo. Sad Are you doing anything special to keep cool?

The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Surviving the Summer


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Yes - staying INSIDE!! Lol

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It's hot here too! Someone the other day was saying to me "Pregnant in June, July and August with twins - not the best plan!" Haha, I tend to agree with them! I work in the AC, so that does help!

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Are you sure you didn't copy the forecast from Chicagoland??? That looks identical to mine. It's been soooo bad. And with yesterdays storms tons of people are without power...they are saying possibly until Friday. Luckily our power is still running, but not 2 miles from my house the entire town is out.

I've got the AC running high all day. I feel bad for DS because he's not getting to play outside ad much as he wants. I'll take him out in the mornings (before 11) and after 4 (or after dinner is it's still unbearable). I like after dinner best because DH is home and runs and plays with him, I sit in a lawn chair with a book under the shade and just watch. We do have summer pool passes, so that's the only time we are outside during the peak of the day. Ours has a great toddler pool area that's really shaded. So I can take him to that, sit in the 2ft deep water (great for the back!) in the shade and just watch him play.

I feel like I'm drinking 2 gallons of water a day too! And lots of fruit. Just the thought of eating 'hot food' is icky to me. I just want fresh fruits and veggies, nothing cooked.

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"PianomanTran02" wrote:

Are you sure you didn't copy the forecast from Chicagoland???

Close enough - I'm in Minneapolis/St. Paul, so our weather is usually pretty similar within a day or two...

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Yeah our weather is identical to that....except a little worse most the time. We are getting up to the upper upper 90s and even broke 100 a few times. It is so hard! I have been staying inside also. Can't bare to go outside unless I am in shade, but even then its too hot. I feel bad for my kids also as they like to play outside but I just can't handle the weather, so I only let them in the backyard where its fenced in. This way I can keep an eye on them through the windows, and they can jump on the tramp with sprinklers to cool off and don't get too hot also. I have been making a lot of smoothies and eating watermelon and drinking lots of water...and just staying inside.

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We also have high 90s. I have to do my barn work at 5am and 10pm...(AND IT IS STILL HOT THEN!)
We are in the HOME STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay cool!

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yikes! It's hot like that up here, too! The humidity is through the roof! We've been staying in doors a lot. Going out to play early in the morning then the afternoon inside. Crazy otherwise.

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Yea, we've been seeing temperatures over 100 all week. It's been miserable.

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this is our 7 day forcast Sad

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I know what you mean... and I have been keeping the A/C on super blast while everyone else is like, its too cold in the house! I am like what?! Yesterday, we went to the fair and since it was the 4th of July, we had planned to go at night anyway but there is no way I could go anywhere during the day like that... we live about an hour away from San Diego but youd be surprised (if you dont live here) to know that since San Diego is on the water it is almost 20-30 degrees cooler on any given day than it is here in the inland empire where we have more like desert weather. In fact, last year it is was like 110 here and we decided to packup and go to the beach in Coronado and it was 76 and overcast there... too cold to get in the water LOL Crazy! But I know what you mean, both my DD's were fall babies so I was pregnant in the summer but not THIS pregnant!

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oy, yeah, it's hot. I just caved the other day and put the air on for night time. DH and I are NOT a fan of A/C but it was getting pretty bad for sleeping. Today is supposed to be super hot with the humidex, they say 50 (that's 122 for you Americans :oP) I may die today, jsut so you know LOL

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