Officially next month!

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Officially next month!

I can't believe all of us are due next month! I can officially say that. And some of our babies may even be here at the end of this month. Wow this is absolutely crazy! Can't believe its finally almost here. So exciting!!!

Everyone ready? Or do you still have a lot to do to prepare?

The only things I need to do still are:

1) Turn in my husbands FMLA forms to my midwife so she can sign off on them, and then he will have the opportunity to take off a full month from work once the baby is born, with the exception of working two days a week...but it will be great to have him here 5 other days from the week.
2) I need to move my end table, jewelry stand, etc...away from my side of the bed and organize it somewhere else. And then move the bassinet in our room next to our bed. Will put the jewelry stand on our dresser and put my end table in the babys room temporarily until we move the bassinet out and put the baby in the crib. Won't do that until the first week of August probably.
3) I need to wash a girl outfit and a boy outfit to take to the hospital. I could have opted to do a gender neutral outfit but my gender neutral outfits aren't that cute, so I want one of each and then we will have the option of either one to take baby home in once we have the baby and find out what gender is.
4) I need to pack a hospital bag for me, DH, and baby. Most likely won't try and do that until the end of this month. DH is in charge of making sure camcorder and camera are packed with plenty of extra batteries, the charger, etc.
5) And the last thing that I need to do is start practicing my hypnobirthing/relaxation techniques. I read the book about it and was planning on starting that at 28 weeks but then I had to go to the hospital and recover from that, time has just slipped I really need to get cracking on doing that daily so I can feel more emotionally and mentally prepared for the labour and delivery.

Thats it for me! Everything else thats really important and necessary before baby arrives is done...

What else do you all have to do still or are you completely ready?

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I know - it's crazy to think that I am due in 6 weeks!! I have a lot left to do!

1. The room is finally on the move - I should have a fully built, carpeted, painted basement living room and bedroom nursery by July 20th or so!! YAY! But then we have to set everything up! Oh, and we need to buy a dresser so we have somewhere to put all of the clothes that are already washed, folded, and ready to go!

2. I still have a ton of things to buy, but I have a work baby shower at the end of July, and a family/friends shower (yes, my SIL's are throwing me a shower!) on the 21st, so probably won't buy anything more until after then, except for the bedding.

3. We need to move things around in our bedroom to make room for the co-sleeper next to my side of the bed, and I want to clean my room really well so I'm not always tripping over things when I am up with the baby at night, and so I have lots of room on my dresser, etc. when I need it.

4. I need to pack the hospital bags - both mine and DH's and baby's! That probably won't happen until the end of July, though.

5. Need to install the car seat - again, probably won't happen until the first week of August or so.

It seems like a lot - and it is! LOL But I am getting SOOOO excited!

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Oh yeah, we need to install the carseat also...but that won't happen most likely until baby is here. My sister will be coming to our house with her two kids when I go the hospital and staying here with my kids...but DH will most likely come back at night and sleep here after baby is born. The hospital chair isn't too comfortable for sleeping for him. So he will have the opportunity to strap in the carseat during one of those home visits.

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4 weeks and 4 days if I go to term! I can't believe it...and my doc keeps telling me she thinks I'll go early. In this heat, I'm not opposed to going late July, every day matters! DS bought tickets to see Dark Knight Rising at the Navy Pier IMAX on Sat the 21st, exactly 2 weeks early (well, 1 week 6 days, close enough). So I just have to get through the movie and I'm good to go. Maybe early labor when I'd be stuck at home anyways???? Then go to the hospital from there! In my dreams.

I don't think there's too much more to do, but I always seem to think up something else.

1. Install carseat. This won't actually be done until LO is here though. The cover has been washed (it was in storage from DS). DH will be coming home at some point to either sleep and/or check on DS, so he'll put it in then. The perinatal specialist was telling me to put it in now. I reminded him it's not DH's first rodeo, he's put it in and out of so many cars that it will take 2 minutes when he's home getting DS.

2. I need to take my keyboard down so I can put the cradle up where it is...the corner next to my side of the bed. Then again, I need the cradle here! It's at my dad's house in Missouri. But he and my step-mom will be coming up as soon as I have LO, and will bring it then. If they happen to get here a day or so after I'm home that's OK too. SIL has one of these that we will be borrowing. She had her DS2 sleep in it next to the bed to a few weeks because it was easier than the pack-n-play. I'll do the same if needed.

3. I plan on BFing (didn't have much luck last time), but still need to get the bottles out and washed, and new nipples bought for them so that DH can help occasionally.

4. Pack hospital bags! I've compiled the list...just haven't actually done it.

Luckily just #4 is all that I need to do before LO comes. Everything else could be done after. My problem is just getting with it and doing it.

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I can't believe you only have a little over 4 weeks! So close!

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Next Month!!! Eeeeeep!

I have to get out all my NB clothes and wash them. We have our carseat, but won't need to install it until we're ready to leave the house (home birth). Baby will be sleeping in our bed, so I do need to put the bedrail back up, but that takes minutes. I'll be breastfeeding so no need to get bottles ready. I need to find my bouncy chair. But that's about it... We're really low maintenance.

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I'm betting on September for me lol, but still it's coming sooo fast. being the 3rd baby there's not much to do. The bassinet is already out of storage since we just moved, I breastfeed, and Clothe diaper, so I guess i have a bazillion dipes to wash. clothes though, I got rid of all my 0-3's since William was supposed to be my last LOL. so I should probably get a few sleepers. That's it though.