ok more pressure

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ok more pressure

ok so I just looked at the calendar and if i don't get pregnant this month we are gonna have to do the BD while his parents are here for christmas! That's gonna be hard so I really hope it happens this month!!!!!

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i hate doing it when there are people staying at my house.. There was one time that my nephew had to sleep over for the weekend and it was our fertile time.. DH didnt want to do it but i wasnt going to lose the weekend so we did, but we made sure we were super quiet.. Hopefully you get preggo this month Smile

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I understand how that feels. Last month we were out of town and my BILs and my MIL was asleep in the room that was next to ours...just joined by a bathroom. Lol. That made me nervous but it worked out okay. We were just super super quiet and I left the bathroom fan on just in case. Haha. It's definitely a lot of pressure on those months. We were supposed to be out of town during my fertile time again this month and decided we weren't doing that again. I can't waste these cycles of Clomid and DH doesn't want us to have to worry about that so we stayed home. I hope you get pregnant this cycle so you don't have to worry about that! Smile

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That is stressful. Really hoping you get pregnant this cycle and can be celebrating instead of stressing!