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So.. this morning I woke up with pelvic bone pain (pressure) and it kind of went away. I am sitting at work and everytime I move I have the worst pain! It feels like the baby is sitting on top of my anus (speelling?), bladder, and pelvic bone.

Has anyone else had this feeling?

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Posts: 858 continues until delivery (at least for me...) Lots of pressure/swelling with it...

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I haven't experienced that, yet; but, I do have hip and back pain now.

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I get a weird pain that runs from my left hip, like where it connects to my pelvis, to what feels like that side of my vagina and sometimes to my butt. When I'm re-positioning in bed at night sometimes it feels like my vagina is splitting in two (not as painful as that sounds but it is uncomfortable). It really bothered me at work today, ugh, I can't even imagine how much worse it's going to get when I'm further along!

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I have PSD it's quite uncomfortable right now. it's like a burning pain in my pubic bone. I had it with DS2 as well, but it seems earlier this time. I guess I didn't give my body much time to heal in between pregnancies lol.

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I have pain, too... it kind of feels like saddle soreness, but it's right in between my legs in my crotch, rather than near my butt. It hurts to walk - A LOT. I am just trying to ignore it and not too too much active stuff... when I do a lot of walking, run at all, or other physical stuff it gets really bad.

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I thought I was the only one. I keep telling the doctor that the left side of my vagina hurts so bad I could cry sometimes. Now, at least I know I'm not alone, sometimes walking helps and sometimes it makes it much, much worse!

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I haven't had this "crotch" pain! I really hope I don't end up experiencing it... It doesn't sound pleasant at all!