Penelope Jane is here!

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Penelope Jane is here!

Went in at midnight was fully dilated by 12:10pm but baby kept having heart decels with contractions and she just wouldnt descen d. into the birth canal so she was born via csection at 12:49pm. She weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 12oz! Shes such a cutie with a full head of darkhaair. Breastfeeding is going slow but hopefully both of us will get the hang of it! Im feeling suprisignly well just sore from the incision but not on any pain meds. I just have to give a giant kudos to you ladies who have natural child birth, i only made it to 4cm without the epidural. You ladies are true warriors.

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CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful that PJ (I have a friend PJ!) is here. I love dark haired babies! Eager for photos when you are ready. I hope the nursing works itself out soon as she grows. Amazingly, DD's son worked on latching with help from a chiropractor starting when he was about 3 days old!

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WTTW Penelope!!! Biggrin

I can't wait to see pictures! You must be head over heels in love!

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On congratulations!!!!! I have had a C-section last time. I'm glad you doing well wtih the pain.

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Congratulations! Welcome Penelope!

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Welcome to the world sweet baby girl.

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So happy for you and what a beautiful name xxxxx

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Welcome to the world Penelope! And congratulations Mama! Glad everything went well in the end and she is here safe and sound.

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CONGRATULATIONS! You are a true warrior...don't think because you didn't do it natural that it wasn't hard! You did awesome!!!!!!!!!
If you are in pain take the meds...I took IB profen...(You may need more...because that is a major surgery) Will help you recover faster.
BF is A LOT of work...don't get discouraged...It is hard! I am strictly pumping it! ((HUGS))

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Congrats momma! Love that name! I can't wait to see pictures. I bet she is goregous.

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Awwww Congratssss WTTW baby Penelope