Pictures (lots) and updates!

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Pictures (lots) and updates!

Well thought I'd do my own update with photos. Milestones going on at 3 1/2 months, she is holding her head and torso up during tummy time, chatting up a storm, so very close to laughing and already teething!!! She has an upper molar coming in which makes for some fussy nights and lots of drool!! She chomps on everything!! It's still do adorable! Hehehe. She only laughs and chats with her daddy and I. Around everyone else she is very serious and intensely pensive. After a tough start I am happy to report she and I are BFing champs!! I am so proud that we stuck to it when so often I wanted to throw in the towel. But now....onto the pictures!!! Sorry if they are super big.

She was a skeleton kitty for Halloween!

Thanksgiving! Last Thanksgiving I got my BFP!!

And some random ones I love!

Sophia and Daddy!

Sophia vs her favorite toy- sassy hippo!

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AAAAW, thanks for the up-date on Sophie!

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Look at the photos! A molar already? WOAH! I think we have at least another year to wait if Forrest grows like the other 3!