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I have slightly high blood pressure when not pregnant (not on meds) and for pregnancy with DS my doctor was threatening to put me off work my entire last month as my bp climbed (but I was kind of a stress case at work back then). This time she never threatened me off work and I am on bp meds again (same as last time with DS) but now that I am within a week I my duedate and my bp is continuing to creep up (have monitor at home) I am thinking about it more - not getting stressed about it but ... I would prefer to not be induced (heard the contractions can be more intense) and hoping to not have a c section if induction is tried and does not work (have already trashed one set of parts and don't think the healing from a c section would be fun - especially with a 2 year old). And my labour with DS was not very bad so hoping for similar experience. Anyway last night woke up in night wih a headache which got me a little worried about the pih. But it could also be sleep deprivation (the peeing for the dirt half of the night is killing me).
Sigh. I guess this means I am ready to get this baby out. Hopefully things will start in the next few days or after my next dr appt where I suspect she will do another sweep (last one was not super successful because my cerix was still quite high up).

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hopefully something happens for you soon. High blood pressure is not good. But hopefully it stays nice and low until your LO decides to arrive!

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Are you still working? You just need to relax now that you're so close to your due date! I know it's easier said than done; but, try not to fret about it too much because that definitely does not help - throw up your feet and wait for that babe to arrive!

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High Bp is hard. Time to kick up you feet relax and watch the Olympics! Or whatever you enjoy.

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I agree it's so hard to relax at this point. I am anxious for Gavin to get here and then making sure everything is done. I'm still working when I can too. Hopefully your blood pressure doesn't creep up and baby comes soon! My sugars have been going high and low.. doctor said it's probably stress. Sad