Post delivery night sweats, nursing etc

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Post delivery night sweats, nursing etc

So bailey is 12 days old and I have reached the sage of night sweats (which I had with DS also). They are not as bad with dd but i shower before bed and again in the morning because I feel gross. Oh well - I am losing the baby weight quickly so if that is the price to be paid I will take it. Hopefully I am almost thro the sweats though. Imagine what menopause will be like?

Nursing still hurts - a little less than last week maybe but there are times when it hurts more. Dd feeds anywhere between 2-3.5 hours - but she seems to feed every 1.5-2 hours in the late afternoon making up for all her napping earlier in the day - she never naps more than 3 hours). Those frequent feeds seem to hurt. I am slathering on the lanolin.

We successfully napped today - DS (2) for 2.5 hrs and dd and I for 1.5. Yesterday dd thwarted my nap plan.

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Oh I had forgotten about the night sweats, and the nurse-nurse-nurse in the evenings.

Glad you got a nap in!! 1.5 hours is a wonderful thing! That can turn anyone from a zombie into a new woman! pair it with a coffee and you can accomplish anything!

Glad nursing is going well. The pain should ease up soon. I can't believe she's already almost 2 weeks old!

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I haven't dealt with any night sweats, yet, but definitely dealing with the cluster feeding in the evening. I swear that yesterday Joey ate every half hour - my poor nipples were shot and my boobs were empty. LOL But the best part is that he slept for 5 hours straight last night! I feel like a new woman today!

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oh yes, I remember the night sweats well. I had them worse with DS1 than 2, I remember waking up to change the sheets once lol. I'm glad the pain is easing up a bit, it usually took me a couple weeks too. hope the naps continue for you Smile

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I don't remember having night sweats. Maybe I never had them or maybe I blocked it out. Glad nursing is going a little better and I hope the pain eases up entirely very soon. Getting naps in when kids are sleeping is a huge bonus. Smile

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I don't remember having night sweats with DS1 after birth. This pregnancy though I have had alot of night sweats. Glad to hear that nursing is getting better and less painful!

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Those night sweats are awful!!! I remember having those for the first few weeks.... I hope nursing doesn't hurt as bad this time.