Prenatal Classes

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Prenatal Classes

I am pretty sure there was a thread started on this topic a while back. I cannot find it, though.

I had a check-up this morning and the doctor mentioned prenatal classes and said I should really take one and "there might still be time to sign up"... I've been assuming this entire time that the doctor would mention the classes to me when they became relevant and that I would sign up at that point; but, what that said to me was that they should have been mentioned a while back and I probably should have signed up really early in the pregnancy to get into one.

I'm assuming many BTDT moms will not be signing up for any prenatal classes; but, when you were a FT mom, did you find them useful? Would you recommend them? For the FT moms here, are you signed up for a prenatal class or have you taken one at this point? I'm just unsure of what to do now and would really like some input...

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I am signed up to start hypnobirthing classes this month. They reccomend starting them around your sixth month. I'm sure you can still get into your class of choice!

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Take charge and get as informed as possible. Don't be passive and wait for others to direct you. Search out the best classes you can find. Think about what "style" suits you best: La Leche league , hospitals, and many other groups offer classes. For starters, type in Prenatal Birthing Classes into Google and read read read! Best wishes!

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Yep - I'm the one who started the last thread about this - I'll see if I can bump it - there was a lot if infor shared in that thread.

Yes, I am taking prenatal classes - even though this is my third pregnancy, it's DH's first. Smile let me go find that thread.