Previous birthing experience

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Previous birthing experience

I don't want to create a thread of horror stories etc and know there are birth story boards but I thought I would ask people to share anythings from previous birth experiences that might be helpful (or funny) to others on this board.

My labour was really good last time (started at 2am delivered at 11am). Around 5 DH made me go to he hospital (I was in the tub shaving my legs and trying to stay home as long as possible but my contractions were so close tofeher I could barely get out of the tub! The hospital was screaming busy with deliveries that weekend but I had a birthing room with a ball and we were left to labour with nurses checking in periodically. They broke my water around 9am (my mom was wih me while DH went home to let the dog out) and then the contractions really got going and the nurse said "wait for your husband" and I said "no way!". I ended up asking my mom to stay for the entire labour (which I never thought I would have wanted) (she is a maternity nurse in another city) and she was sooooo helpful. I had a shot of morphine and laughing gas and that was pretty good for pain management for me. Having my mom here was helpful because she got me laughing gas when they started stitching me up and she was a real comfort and excellent coach. She also was able to tell us things about ds's birth that we did not realize (like that he had meconium and was briefly intubated by a paediatrician before getting the all clear).

Things I want do differently:
- open my eyes more and look around, see who is in the room, and take in the experience
- Only my doctor or an ob gyn can do my stitches this time if needed - the resident did it badly last time

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My labor experience was not all that good. But I ended up having a c-section after 2 days of labor in the hospital. I will skip to the next question so I won't scare anyone... Smile

Things I want to do differently:
1. I will have a c-section planned
2. Make sure I pack enough stuff in my bag... make up and hair dryer this time for sure!
3. Buy nursing gowns instead of what the hospital has
4. Make sure that the baby is latching on the RIGHT WAY and not wait two weeks later for my nipples to heal...

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My sons labour was long - 28hrs from first contraction. I was in active labour for 15hrs, but 9 of those hours I was stalled at 9cm. I planned a homebirth and ended up hospital transferring after 6hrs stalled at 9cm. I got to the hospital with the goal of getting an epidural to relax me and dilate fully. I got the epidural and it did it's job - I relaxed enough to dilate fully, but it also did what it does best: it stopped my labour. I then needed pitocin, which my son did NOT like and his heartbeat was all over the place - we lost it at some points. From the second I walked into the hospital until my son was born, the on call OB was threatening c-section. He was rude to me, the two cervical checks he did on me were violent and even with an epidural they were horrid. He insisted on using a vacuum (which I doubt I needed) and he cut me an unnecessary episiotomy (I think he did this out of spite because he couldn't cut me a c-section...). Needless to say, my hospital experience was less than stellar.

Things I want to do differently:
- I wish I had gotten into the tub to try and relax. The bath might have provided that extra little bit I needed to dilate fully.
- I will be more vocal about what I do not want - i.e. no episiotomy, no vacuum
- I do not want cervical checks. After the horrible experience I had I don't want to relive that.

Things I'll keep the same:
- continuous support. I had my mom and husband with me the entire time, it was so nice to have their support.
- early labour I woke up at 3:30 am with contractions. I was too excited and when going back to sleep didn't work, I rested. I layed on the couch and in bed and just relaxed as much as I could because I knew there was lots of work a head of me.
- My midwife and I made the decision to transfer together. No one made the decision for me. I was involved in the choice and knew my options.
- (until I got to the hospital) I laboured in positions I wanted to. Aside from the hours of lunges on the stairs (which my Mom made me do LOL) I was in control of what was comfortable and how I wanted to labour - majority of the time I was sitting on the toilet, it felt good lol. I'm sure a birthing stool would provide the same "opening" effect. Maybe I"ll consider that for this baby.

Even though, to me, my birth was traumatic (and I think about it constantly, about what I could change if I could turn back time). I'm so excited for this birth. I know how wonderful birth can be. I've been to 5 births that were amazing and perfect. I want that for this baby. I want that for me. I can't wait for birth!

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OK, mine will be much shorter and very non-traumatic (I think).

With DS1, my water broke at 1am (1 big gush), I called the midwife and went back to sleep. Contractions were intermittent to non-existant until 12:30pm whereupon they were suddenly 2-3 minutes apart. DS1 was born at 3:51pm in the back yard hot tub. The midwife made it 30 minutes before he was born, and the second midwife 2 minutes after. The only thing I would do differently is not have two 8 year old boys running around the house screaming! That has changed for subsequent births!

With DD, my water broke at 1:30am in a big gush. Once again I had nothing much happen (I went back to sleep) for a while. Then at about 3:30am, contractions suddenly picked up and were 2-3 minutes apart. DH called the MW around 3:45-4:00am. The MW arrived at about 4:45am, and DD arrived at 5:15am. No second MW was called - there wasn't time!

With DS2, my water broke at 6:45am but it was just a trickle and debatable. I had mild contractions all day (15-20 minutes apart that I really had to think about to feel). My water continued to trickle all day. Nothing much happened. The MW came over at 5:30ish for our home visit appointment. Nothing was happening much. She left at about 6:30. At 7ish, my contractions suddenly started up 2-3 minutes apart. DH called the MW back. She was going to go home to get dinner and come back, but decided to come straight to our house. She arrived at 7:45ish, and Leo was born at 8:15ish (I think). The MW didn't have a second this time either (no time), but her student MW arrived 1 minute before Leo was born.

I have never torn, but I have found that for every birth I have had worse and worse after pains for the week or so afterwards. I will be getting some Tylenol 3s before I go into labour this time. I would go through labour 10x over rather than have after pains...

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This thread is a great idea. Smile

DD1 and DD2 are twins. The day I was 39 weeks I was going to the hospital to be induced (I was HUGE and begging my OB to get them out. LOL) I was tying to tennis shoes while DH was warming up the car to go to the hospital when I felt my water break around 7:30am. We got admitted to the hospital around 8:30am, and started Pitocin around 10:00am. I got an epidural before I ever felt a contraction, as my OB was basically requiring it of me since it was a twin birth with a high rate of complication. I was okay with it because he and I had spoken at length about how I did NOT want a C/S and he agreed that he would help me avoid it in every way he could, including doing a breech extraction if necessary. I spent the day pretty comfortable but stuck in bed because of the epi. Around 5:00 I was wheeled into the operating room (rather than the birthing room since they wanted me in the OR for a twin birth) and vomited a couple of times on the way there - gotta love transition! DD1 was born head first at 5:58 with no interventions. They turned off my epidural at that point, and my OB let me rest for a while while DD2 took her time moving down to the birth canal. While I rested, DD1 was weighed and all that jazz and then laid in the bassinet right next to my OR bed... she and I just stared at each other - her eyes were wide and alert - it was awesome! She was 5lbs. 13oz. DD2 was feet first, but since I was numb on the epi, my OB just stuck his hand in there and turned her around Lol and then I pushed some more. She was head down, but was not coming out. I'm not sure if it's because she was stuck for some reason, or if it's because my body was tired out. She started having some alarming heart rate decels and my OB threatened to use the vacuum if I couldn't get her out in the next couple of minutes. It wasn't really a threat - but he knew it would motivate me to get her out because I really didn't want any interventions like that used. A few minutes later DD2 was born head first at 6:56. She was 5lbs. 15oz. I had a moderate tear, and the worst part of the whole experience was the stitching since by then my epi had completely worn off. But all in all it was a very pleasant birth experience.

DD3 was also induced at 39 weeks. It was more of an induction of convenience because I wanted to be sure that my OB delivered me. I went to the hospital and they started the pitocin around noon. About an hour later I started having some back labor, so I opted for the epi right away (my OB will let you have it anytime - no need to wait till you're dilated enough...). I labored in bed again pretty much all day. Around 11pm I was really starting to feel horrible, and my blood pressure kept dropping, making me nauseous, hot and dizzy. So they put me on oxygen for a while. I had pretty much stalled at 7cm, so around 12:45am or so, they checked me again and I was still at a 7, so they had me roll over on my side. Almost immediately, I could feel some major pressure and I knew something was happening. The nurses had left the room, so we called for them. They didn't really believe that anything was happening since I had just been at a 7, so they were telling me to rest and relax. I got mad and told them that I wasn't stupid and that something was happening and that they needed to check NOW. LOL They finally decided to listen to me and lo and behold, I was at a 10. I had dilated 3cm in the matter of 5 minutes. I started pushing at about 1am. DD3 came out after just 2 pushes at 1:05am. She was 6lbs. 1oz. and perfect just as her sisters had been.

Things I want to do differently: pretty much everything. LOL Neither birth was traumatic, but nothing about them were very natural or empowering. Since I was stuck in bed, everything was pretty much out of control. I still have the same OB, and I still love the fact that he is willing to help me have whatever kind of birth I would like to have. Unfortunately, without being induced, I am not guaranteed that he will deliver my baby as it will be the on-call doctor who will deliver me. But regardless this time I will:

    not be induced - I am determined to go into labor naturally this time
    Not have an epidural
    labor as naturally as possible and in my own way
    feel more in control of my labor experience

Sorry that was so long... believe me, it was a LOT shorter than my full birth stories, though!