Professional Newborn Photography

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Professional Newborn Photography

Just wanted to share, I am super excited for next weekend. We have an appt with this lady who does photos, I would compare some to Anne Geddes, they are beautiful. Now of course, they recommend doing them in the first few weeks of life but we fit it in when we could and so I hope they still turn out nice. Anybody else have newborn photos taken?

Separate note: Sorry for my lack of being active on the boards... twins keeps me busier than I ever imagined. I feel like if I am choosing to post on the boards, talk on the phone (which most of my friends joke about disowning me LOL), etc then I am choosing sleep, eating, showering or if I am lucky sliding in a work out haha... I am just hving difficulty balancing my time so I apologize. We also have our DD's 5th birthday party this weekend. That will be interesting! Smile

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Have fun with the photos!

And I sympathize about the time thing - I'm still trying to figure that out - and I can't imagine how it will be when I go back to work!!!

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We had newborn photos taken at the hospital with a professional photographer. They didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked (definitely not as cute as the Anne Gedes or some of the ones I've seen on pinterest). I did a little photoshopping and they looked better.

When we bought the CD it come with a free express shoot for his 3,6,9,12 months. I figure we'd do that and book with someone else if I didn't like them.

I also like to take alot of picture on my own. I have a dSLR camera. I'm not that great with it yet, but getting better.

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I had pictures done when Liam was three weeks ago! The photographer even said that was a little late for newborn pictures! He was still a little model and I can't wait to see them, though! I should be getting the proofs tomorrow!