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Q with No Delicate Way to Ask...

So, how are things in the bedroom with you and DH? Do you regularly still DTD, or is it completely off the table now days?

We have kind of a weird situation in my house... I want to do it quite often, but since I've gotten a belly, it's really hard to find any kind of position that's comfortable for both me and DH... if he's on top, he squishes my belly, me on top squishes him, on our sides sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. And then when it is working out, a lot of times I'm so... ummm... "lubricated" due to the pregnancy that DH has a hard time reaching the finish line. So we've resorted to a lot of other kind of "play". But because of the issues we have had, it makes me feel insecure and guilty... lol. I swear I'm just an emotional mess...

So are you and your DH/SO still seeing any action in the bedroom? Do any of you find that you are having similar problems??

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We had our lul in the first trimester for sure and it took a hard toll on us because we both get cranky and like you said, I start feeling guilty. Thankfully since trimester number 2 started we have picked back up and while our activities are not as frequent, we have foud we have had to reconnect more about what we need and what works and doesn't. So in a lot of ways our sex life is doing a lot better. It was also hard because I was having bleeding afterwards for a while and we both got a bit nervous to be too active after that. But we have found sideways to be the most effective where I can lie down and he is kneeling. At first I just felt giagantic but Blush DH said to me that he loves my pregnant tummy and that really helps. He goes out of his way to make my new curves feel sexy.

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I put out as little as I possibly can LOL. I don't have much of a drive as it is let alone being preggo. DH and I both have bellies now so only one position works well for use hahaha.

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No BDing here...It hurts too much and I am SOO NOT IN THE MOOD!!! UGH! ZERO HORMONES! Plus I have no self esteem...and I don't want to hurt the baby...but my pelvis hurts, I'm all swollen down there, and I want him to "KEEP THAT THING AWAY!"...lol DH wants it...too bad.
I can help him other ways...but that is as good as it gets here!
Then he has to wait 3-6 months...it takes FOREVER for it to heal...and boy it HURTS down there forever!!!!!!!!! OUCH!!!! I wanted to jump out of my skin each "first" time after the kids...OUUCCCHH!!!

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Well, DH works away; so, we only have the opportunity to DTD every so many weeks! I find that since this is my first pregnancy, I am really nervous about it and now DH seems nervous about it, too! haha There really aren't any issues when he is home, though.

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I don't have any concerns about injuring the baby (but could definitely see having them if I had any bleeding etc) but I can definitely say that my libido got hammered during and following my first pregnancy. (I b/fed until he was about 20 months old, although only once a day for the last 8 months). We took the recomended amount of time "off" following the birth of DS and when it was time to resume activities I was definitely apprehensive / nervous about it (I had poorly done stitches that slowed my healing) but in the end everything was fine. But I will definitely say that to this day my libido is not really back - but that could now be due to ongoing exhaustion, new-baby hormones, etc where initially it was baby#1 hormones, followed by nursing hormones, followed by sleep deprivation (DS didn't sleep through the night until 20 months of age!). Good luck. Listen to your body!

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Unfortunately, when I ruptured at 18 weeks we were instructed nothing goes in. So that being said things are off limits until I get cleared after delivery......

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DH and I aren't going crazy but there is no lull either. I feel extra desire to be close to him in that way lately. Once my morning sickness finally let up only a few weeks ago, things have been much better. Doggie style works really well for us cause my belly is not in the way. Hehe! But it is nice that we have been making the extra effort to bond in that way and not let this pregnancy stop us for too long.

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Last pregnancy I found the best position ever was to the side. My preference is left, so he's on top, but kind of, north east of my north. Make sense? His whole weight is off my belly, and it really hits my spot! Also, too much lubrication happens to me too, but I just say to hubby I feel too wet, and I get some tissue and wipe some away. It's better for me and for him, and I dont think theres anything to be embarrassed about, especially if it makes it easier for him to finish. I think it happens because I'm pretty horny.
My libido dissappeared after the baby was born for a good few months, so I'm definintely making the most of it while I feel like it!!