QOTD 2/14

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QOTD 2/14

Sorry, falling behind again Smile

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you and DH/SO celebrate Valentine's Day, gifts, love notes, something else?

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We don't do much of anything for it most years. Our anniversary is on the 3rd so we tend to be romanced out come Valentine's. Wink Plus we're just not big on the whole "special day for telling people you love them" thing.

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We email back & forth between our studies at home... like every day. ROFL

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We went out to dinner last weekend to celebrate... lol. Then yesterday we exchanged cards. That's as exciting as it got. We were busy with the kids and their activities, so there was nothing special in the plans...

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We don't really celebrate v-day, never have. I don't really know why, I'm not a scrooge and neither is DH, it's just never been a holiday we really pay attention to. My birthday is at the end of the month and his is a month after mine so maybe we just get wrapped up in those :dontknow:

Last night DD1 had a ballgame and after we all went out for pizza even though DH and I had completely forgotten it was the 14th so it wasn't technically our "celebration" it was just another perfectly normal night for us Biggrin

I do like hearing about the romantic things other couples do though Smile

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DH bought be flowers and a card, I got him a card. We don't do anything crazy.

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Nothing Special. We traded cards, mostly because DS was with each of us when he was picking them for us, and he wanted us to get them for each other. Plus this year we were visiting DH's parents to help with his grandma in the nursing home. So most of our time was spent there. DH's view is much like that of Tyler Perry's (If you saw his Leno interview Tuesday) "Real mean don't need a holiday to be romantic and sappy, they do it everyday."

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We didn't do much of anything either, mostly because DH forgot and my grandma had a stroke a few Saturdays ago and has been touch and go so we have spent alot of time with her the last few weeks.