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Are you considering having a doula with you during your L&D?

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Nope, my births with the other kids where pretty great without one so I figure 3rd times a charm.:D

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Nope… but I hope my midwife will be there! We will have to figure out who will be a support person for the other little ones, though.

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My Mom was a doula (then called "labour coach") all while I was growing up. She'll be at the birth, as well as my sisters, I trust them to give me proper support I need!
If I didnt have them then I would FOR SURE hire a doula! Doula's are amazing.

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You know, I am a huge fan of doula's. I've actually considered looking in to being one. However, I feel that since this is my 4th child, and it's the same OB that delivered all of my other kids, and whom I love, I really see no need. Smile And honestly, I'm not sure how much DH would like to have another person in with us. He's really in to us being the only two in the delivery room...

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If I wasn't going to have a schedule c-section then I probably would. I did with my first.

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Nope! DH and I may end up being the only one's - maybe my mom!