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QOTD 2/7

Sorry I missed yesterday ladies!

How/where did you meet your DH/SO?

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DH and I met in college our 1st senior year (4 of 5). He went to high school with one of my roommates (6 of us). One day another roomie and I came back from marching band rehearsal about 2 weeks into the year and he was there. Needless to say at the time I wasn't pleased at the time. It had been a horrible rehearsal, and we were both very yuck. I came into the the suite and (before I knew he was there) threw my mellophone into the wall and was cursing up a storm about the new director who....well, it wasn't pretty. Then I noticed he was there and I yelled "who the f*ck are you and what are you doing here" before storming into the bathroom for a shower.

I came out, in a towel of course and he was still there. So I marched up to him, introduced myself, gave him a hug, said he was cute and asked him out. Then I went and got dressed s he stood there stuttering for the next 5 minutes. When I came out he was gone! Jenn, the girl he knew said he'd never even had a girlfriend before, let alone a girl approach him in a towel and ask him out. That's when I learned he came from a family of 5 brothers and a very strict Chinese mother.

He did say yes to the date, and after the first football game he was supposed to meet me for dinner but never showed. So, instead of sitting around whining I went to the bar with a few band friends for drinks. DH was there, and I just confronted him on the spot about being a jerk and not showing up and that he'd be lucky to have a girl like me. According to his friends he was trying to work up some liquid courage beforehand...who knows. We had a good time together that night and things took off after that!

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DH and I met at a bar (yes, a bar) here in town. It was very awkward because he was drunk and being a jerk... :). We ended up hanging out with some mutual friends later on that night. We have pretty much been together every since. We have been married 6 years and together for 8.

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Me and DH met on the computer in a yahoo chat room in 2001 chatted for a few months then met in person and been together since. Smile
We were married in May of 2005 after having our first child. Moved to Hawaii in 2007 had our second child, and now here we are Smile

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DH and I also met online in 2008. We went out for a late night cup of coffee and the date ended up lasting 5 hours. We have been inseperable ever since! We where married 10.10.10 and I couldn't be happier!

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I was on a date... with another guy. Haha! We were at a pub and as it turned out DH was friends with the guy I was on a date with. So we all got to chatting. DH found out where I worked and kept coming in asking me out until I finally said yes (just to shut him up) and the rest is history! Blum 3

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DH and I are high school sweethearts! Blum 3

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DH and I met online. Smile We met in a game that we both play and it just happened he lived about 2 hours away. He drove down to see me and we've been together ever since.

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Wow - my story seems quite complicated compared to all of yours... ROFL!

DH and I met when I was dating my 1st husband. He was one of his close group of friends. He and his ex got engaged the same weekend my ex and I did, and they got married 6 months before we did. I always enjoyed hanging out with him, but it was nothing more than a casual friendship. As a matter of fact, DH was there the night that I told my 1st husband that I was pregnant. LOL The two of them had gone to a MN Twins game and I told them both when they got home from the game.

He and his ex split up about 3 years before my ex and I did, and I remember telling him on a regular basis that he would make SUCH a good husband and that I was going to find him a good girl again.

After my ex and I split up, I continued hanging out with that group of friends. DH and I started talking more and more and became really close friends and it finally developed into a relationship. The first time we kissed, both of us laughed about the fact that we were kissing each other and that it was kind of weird... LOL. But anyway, here we are now - we got married last September and are very happy together. Smile

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My BFF was dating a guy who had a single friend. My BFF and I were going on a big local horse ride, I knew her bf was going to be there but didn't know his friend was going to be there until we got there. They introduced us after the ride but nothing big, I took my horse and went home and the next day my BFF called to tell me her bf's friend wanted to go on a double date. We went to my BFF's bf's house and all went riding together, it ended up sleeting on us that day, it was miserably cold but the more I got to know DH the more I really liked him. We made out like high schoolers later that night and have talked or been together every single day since!!! Biggrin

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DH and I met when we were 12 years old. We were sort-of friends throughout high school but both of us were sure our feelings for each other were one-sided. We were both very quiet and shy. He went away to university after he graduated and I didn't see him again until he came back a couple years later. We finally developed a true friendship at that point and a year later started dating. We dated for three years (two of which were long-distance) before getting married.