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QOTD 2/9

Do you have any pets, if so, what are they and what are their names? If not, is there a specific reason?

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Sadly, not anymore. DH and I had a long-haired daschund in college and when we first moved to the city. Oliver is his name. Unfortunately Oliver didn't do well in the city, he's very much a country hound dog. So 2 years ago we took him to my dad's place down on a farm in Missouri and he loves it there! Every time we go visit him and DS have a blast together. We want another, bigger dog for DS, but our currently lease specifically states no pets. So until we move from here then no pets. Maybe a fish.

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no pets here. Someday when my kids are old enough to take care of a pet themselves they can have one.

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We have a Pug. She is the best dog!! She is 6 year's Old and I love her!

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We have 2 cats named Remington (Remy) and Silas (DH's babies who I inherited when we moved in), and a guinea pig named Toto (My twins' pet).

I personally am a dog lover and I had to give up both of my dogs when my ex and I divorced. I miss them both terribly. I want another, but DH says that we have enough animals in the house and he won't budge. Sad The kicker? I'm allergic to the cats and the guinea pig. ;p

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We have 2 dogs. We have a Shih Tzu named Yogi and a Boxer named Drago (it's from a John Wayne movie). We did have another pooch, an Aussie named Chief but he was recently re-homed to a fantastic new home due to us moving from the country in to town a couple months ago. We also have a couple of horses now living with my mom.

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We don't have a pet! We're in a condo building and aren't allowed a pet as per the landlords! I'm highly allergic to both cats and dogs, though, so it's not in the cards any time soon!

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We have a Bouvier des Flandres named Phoebe Snow & three cats (MeToo, Vita and Minou).
At the moment we are babysitting a Bengal cat (Kiara) for a few weeks.
We may babysit a large dog (Frank) in April for a week or two.
We live in the country.

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No we don't have any because we live in an apartment. We hope to be able to get one when we find a house but we will see.

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We have Schnauzer mix ddog, his name is Max..... and he is a pain in my butt! Wink

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