Questions to ask who lives super far from their hospital

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Questions to ask who lives super far from their hospital

So I have an appt next week and I have several questions to ask. For one with baby A being head down and Baby B being head up, can I still have a vag birth? What are the chances he wont flip and me needing a c-section? Also, I still havent scheduled my hospital/labor and delivery tour... how can I do that? Since I live 70 miles from the military hospital, can I schedule the birth?

I thought I had more questions but maybe it just felt like it - anyone have any last minute type questions for your upcoming OB appts that I should be asking? I know I have 2 DD's already but I think with this one being twins and us being SO FAR from the hospital I dont feel as comfortable as I did before. I hate to induce or anything like that - and well if it turns out to be a c-section that will likely be scheduled anyway but I fear that I will go into labor in the middle of the night or during sometime when its crazy traffic and here I am in labor trying to get to the hospital 70 miles! The good thing is, I do have a back up hospital 5 miles up the street in case of an emergency but I would rather just go to the military hospital so there are no questions or issues regarding billing Smile Anyway, just thought I would make sure I had all my questions laid out and wondered what you all had in the way of "dont forget to ask" and any advice from those who live far from their hospital too?

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I don't know much about the scheduled delivery and such, but I do know that if an OB is okay with a vaginal twin birth, the typical "ready to go" sign is that baby A is head down. The idea is that baby A is delivered and baby B gets the idea that coming out head first is better then breach :D. I have watched a birth of a mom with twins where baby A was head down, delivered and baby b was breach, Dr tried to turn with no success and so baby b was born breach no problems. They delivered in an OR just incase but I'm sure your OB will have plenty of twin vaginal delivery info for you.

We did a hospital tour as part of our free child birthing classes we took, but I think most hospitals can set one up for you individually with a phone call to l&d. GL!

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Okay, I'm going to preface my post with "it's entirely up to your doctor as to what he/she is comfortable with"... but here is my twin birth experience:

My OB told me that as long as Baby A was head down and came out first, it didn't matter what position Baby B was in. He said that there is a good chance that once the first baby is out, the second one has all kinds of room suddenly and will most likely move to head down position as it descends. However, if Baby B didn't turn head down, he would still be willing to deliver Baby B breech since Baby A had already stretched everything out... Of course, since there are risks to breech birth that aren't generally risks with a head down birth (hip displaysia, etc.), I had to agree that I was okay with those risks before he (OB) agreed to do the breech birth. So it was an "agreement" between my OB and myself as to how the actual birth would play out. However, since I was having a "high risk" delivery, I HAD to have an epidural, and I was required to deliver in an OR because of the higher risk of needing an emergency C/S - I would be ready for surgery at the drop of a hat. That was how my OB was comfortable and could agree to what made me comfortable.

In the end, I had a perfectly normal vaginal birth - Baby A was head down and came out first, and Baby B then flipped and came out head down. I had my epidural, and birthed in the OR, but there was no need for a c-section, or for the breech extraction.

As for scheduling your birth, that is another thing that you should talk to your OB about - it's their decision about what they are comfortable doing. It also may have to do with how long you carry them. Mine was a scheduled induction at 39 weeks - I had been begging for an induction since like 36 weeks because I was so uncomfortable, but my OB was not willing to go there until I hit 39 weeks. LOL Funny enough, my water broke as I was tying my shoes to go to the hospital for my scheduled induction at 39 weeks, so it was going to happen that day no matter what...

And since you are so far from the hospital - I would just plan to make sure that you head to the hospital as soon as you are sure that you are in active labor. Unless you have a history of precipitous or very quick labors, chances are that you'll have plenty of time to get to the hospital even if there's lots of traffic - though I probably wouldn't wait to head there while I labored at home for a while... Wink I live about 35 miles from my hospital, which doesn't seem that far, but it's on the other side of the metro, so if I need to head to the hospital during morning or afternoon rush hour, it could be an hour and a half commute - so I can empathize with your concern. I do plan to labor at home as long as possible, but if things start getting anywhere near serious and I know that rush hour is coming up, we may head to the hospital earlier than I would otherwise plan to.

Good luck at your next appointment. I would just bring all of these questions and concerns up to your OB - I'll bet that he/she will be able to answer them all and hopefully put your mind at rest quickly! Smile

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My only thing to discuss with my doctor is re: stitches. Last time the intern did them and I had a lot of problems with them and still have the evidence to prove it by way of a new flap of skin down there. This time I am insisting that only my doctor or an ob do any stitches. (hopefully I won't need any but...).

The problem I had was basically that the stitches looped around some extra skin creating a flap of skin that got engorged with blood but was sufficiently strangled by the stitches that created it that it could not drain the blood. It flared up about 7 days after my delivery and any time spent on my feet resulted in huge discomfort. I think it put me on my backside for about 2 weeks where I would have otherwise been on he road to recovery.

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Mia and Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your experience with your twin birth - that makes me feel a little better, esp knowing your commute is just as long as mine (time wise) bc before singleton pregnancy and not so far from the hospital I never really thought twice about all this stuff really... I just want to make sure I dont find myself in a bind and yes I labored long with both my girls, in fact my last one only went as fast as it did (12-13 hours) bc they ended up inducing me part way through. I was dialating and doing good and then suddenly my labor stalled and I didnt progress any more.

Jaime, Sorry to hear about your experience! I hope things go much smoother this time around - or that you dont need stitches at all... I had to have them with DD#1 and while I didnt have a "bad" experience stitches were no fun period - the only good thing came out of it was the take home sitz bath (if Im spelling that right)...

I've heard bad experiences from people at work about c-sections and that is what has me paranoid ... hoping NOT to go that route, at all...

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I don't really have any experiences with twin births. I do know that my aunt had twins and delivered one normal and one breech vaginally.

C-section was definitely not my choice. I tried what I could to avoid it but in the end it was best. If it is something you are really worried about you should definitely get that fear out there with your doctor so they know it's something you want only as a last resort. You can also even address some of the other things you've heard that scare you about c-sections with your doctor as well.

The best thing is remember every birth is different. If you have c-section questions I'd be happy to answer any that I can. My experience was not ideal but in the end I had a healthy baby and I was healthy and that's what it's all about. Smile