Sept girl with a Q!

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Sept girl with a Q!

Congrats to everyone on your pregnancy.

Seeing my siggy, obviously I've had kids before. But this time is kicking my butt more than any other pregnancy has. My question is, for those that had M/S, when did you start to feel better, for good? I'm 10.5 weeks, and last week wasn't too bad, I thought I was out of the woods. But judging by this week it was just temporary relief. Please tell me it's soon!! Wink


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I'm 13 weeks and my nausea (I didn't actually experience any vomiting) was gone by 12 weeks! I had also had the nausea from really early on - like 5 weeks!

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It seems to have left for good now. I stopped feeling so bad around 13-14 weeks, but still do have some food aversions. Hope you feel better soon.

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Mine I would say was officially gone last week at 12 weeks. The week before I thought I was in the clear and then it snuck up and kicked me right in the behind again. I have 3 other kiddos and I know my m/s is getting worse with each child that I have (well, except with my first, that was the absolute worst!) but I think it's because I don't get a chance to rest or eat when I should be eating which makes it worse.

I hope it gets better for you very soon!

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This is my 3rd pregnancy and I didn't have horrible morning sickness with my girls. I threw up maybe once per pregnancy with them ha ha. So when I got hit like a truck with this pregnancy's m/s I thought I wasn't going to make it! I was on the couch exhausted and feeling blah up until about 15 weeks I think. I thought I had gotten rid of it around 10 weeks only for it to return again lol. And actually I still get it off and on and I'm 34 weeks today. It'll last for about a week or two at a time when it does come back.

Ginger Ale was my friend for most of this pregnancy lol. I really hope you start to feel better soon because it's so sucky being miserable, esp with other LOs at home!

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I got hit by m/s so badly this time around - which I've never had a problem with in the past. It was 24/7 and I was on drugs to help. ;P Mine started getting better around 11 weeks, and was pretty much totally gone by 12.5 weeks. You're almost there - hang in there!