Slight Pain

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Slight Pain

Ok so i noticed that when me and DH are having um "ALONE" time i am having slight pain. It feels like my insides are swollen and it is just not comfortable and pleasurable anymore. Never ad an issue when i was preggo with DD1 and DD2.

Any advice? Anyone having this issue? does it change? I can't go 7 months with no sexy time...hehe

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I have to say that I do not enjoy preggo sex. I have a hard time "getting there" and it's like there's too much blood flow down there--I feel really sore and uncomfortable after. I try not to neglect DH too much, but...

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Since I've been so sick, DH and I have only had "alone time" twice... the first time it was kind of uncomfortable and I actually kind of went numb down there... *yikes!* The second time it was okay, but I was NO where near "getting there"... I'm hoping as I feel better this will be different...

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We've cut back a lot, at first because of the subchorionic bleed and then just because I was either so nauseous or had the worst headache. But now things are picking back up and I don't have any trouble getting there (thank goodness). It's been my best stress reliever actually.

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It has slowed down for us too. I am just so tired at the end of the day. Poor dH!

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I am on strict "pelvic rest". So DH has alone time by himself. Hey, at least he's gettin' something!

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I haven't had any pain, though I wouldn't think it would be too abnormal if you did have a small amount of pain.