A small request...

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A small request...

A IRL friend of mine (actually, we met on PO over 9 years ago!) who is on the November board had her baby at 26 weeks on Wednesday. Just a reminder to be thankful that we haven't had any major preemies here on our board and to ask that if you have a few extra prayers that you send them out to Nicky and Baby Samuel. It sounds like they are both doing well, but prayers can never hurt in a situation like that. Thanks all...

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Aaaaw... My thoughts are with them. What a beginning! Keep us updated if you can.

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so hard. we had a couple of preemies on our April '08 board they are all thriving today and have exceeded all milestones. I hope the same for this little one.

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I will definitely be praying for them.

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Oh my.
I will definitely keep both of them in my prayers. I am also thankful everyone hasn't had super preemie babies on our board.
When we almost lost Jonah (beta strep)...it really hit home that things can happen. Please keep us posted.