So.. Nervous!!!

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So.. Nervous!!!

The big day is finally here to get our gender scan! I'm about to get dressed and head that way. It will probably be much later when I respond to let everyone know what we find out cause we are going to Illinois! And afterwards I'm ready to go shopping!!

Yay, need pink vibes!

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You're getting a gender scan at 15 weeks?? You are LUCKY!! And I'm jealous! LOL

Good luck! Sending you LOTS of pink! Actually, I'll send you ALL of my pink so there is none left in me so I can get my boy! LOL

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Haha. I am getting it because my DH's aunt owns an ultrasound clinic. My OB won't budge on the the 20 weeks. This is actually much cooler though cause I can take DS with us and he is over the moon about getting to go.

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oh I hope you get the results you want Biggrin I thought 15 weeks was too early to show gender, or maybe that's just our local U/S clinic that has archaic equipment LOL.

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Good luck! We'll all be impatiently waiting to hear your news!

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"siandra" wrote:

cause we are going to Illinois!

on purpose??? Wink

Good luck, can't wait to hear back from you!!!