Some advice (OT)

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Some advice (OT)

Monitor your accounts! I was checking my bank account on my phone while DD was in dance class to see 2 transactions that I didnt remember making so I called to inquire a little more and sure enough - while I live in CA, my debit card was used in NY this morning at a gas station - I had to cancel my card, and while I will get refunded it wont be for 3-5 days until it officially posts (as its pending now). I am glad that I caught it before they went on some shopping spree or something the only bad thing is bc I have a bank that doesnt have a local location so to speak, I pretty much rely on my card and so I have to wait for the new one. I do have credit monitoring bc I know people use other folks info to obtain cards/credit but never thought about my debit card. Its not even like I shop online or anything, well I guess I have a few times but still didnt think much of it, initially I thought maybe I just didnt remember buying something - glad I called.

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Oh man, how scary! It's such an invasion of privacy to have something like that happen. This is good to know. Sorry you had to deal with this.

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Sadly it's so easy to get access to people's information these days. Believe it or not when you deal with people's information and try to protect it - they get angry and treat you like you are giving them a hassle for nothing. Sad