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Soother use

Ok so all tips and suggestions welcome. Bailey is 5 days old and:
introducing soother - any tips? *
DS became dry soother dependent so had hoped to not use a soother but tonight she has had a huge increase in the need to suckle.
Wih DS some of the mistakes we made were a) giving it to him all the time and not just when he seemed to specifically need it (we have an urge to think it will help when they are crying without seeing if there is something else like cuddling that would work first) and popping it back in his mouth whenever he had popped it out.

A) days and nights are backwards. Almost no awake time during day and much more time awake at night. So I will try and stimulate her during day to reverse that.*
Dirol active night time bowels - hopefully will reverse once days and nights cleared up

(330am and we have slept 1.5 hours due to crying and feedings and poops).*

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With DS we didn't introduce a soother until he was about 1-2 weeks old. I wanted to establish a good nursing relationship before we introduced a soother.

Maybe she's wanting to nurse more to get more milk in? If that's the case then nurse nurse nurse!
If you nurse and she seems satisfied then offer the soother.

I have no advice about day/night mix ups Sad I just just offer hugs and hopes it gets better! Maybe making sure night time is always dark (no lights on in the room) and make daytime stimulating with light... But I really have no idea Sad

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I like azin_may's suggestions.

I'm one of those people who really did NOT want to introduce a soother at all. Then my infant son needed surgery and was in distress. It took a smart doctor to make me change my outlook. Baby needed the soother and would likely reject it when he didn't need it any longer. Shortly after surgery he rejected it. My husband was more likely to take the quick and easy approach to solving a crying episode until I explained WHY I was resisting soother use. Once I clarified that solving baby's problem was what I desired, not just ending the noise, DH was on board.

Both my children responded to light dramatically. Much more so in fact than to sounds. (to the point where we seriously thought DD might be deaf!) I would approach things as azin_may described.

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I am so sorry! I like azin_may's suggestions and I would go with that also. I didn't have those specific things happen with my first DD so I don't have a lot of advise.

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I have nothing new to add besides hang in there!! I'm sure that pretty soon more of us will be in your same position!!

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I introduced soothers on day one with both boys. It may not have been the right thing, but I was very lucky that both nursed exceptionally well (except with DS2 who is Tongue tied and was just messy and painful rather than wouldn't nurse) DS2 didn't take to the soother like DS1 did, but again, I think that was the TT issue. I find now without it it's hard to calm him. DS1 would calm instantly with his. Again, I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do right away, but it worked well for us.

DS2 was an all day sleeper and there were a coupld months where he was an all night waker. I found swaddling and white noise along with a very dark room helped; Also on those very rough nights, co-sleeping.

Good luck mama, as a BTDTM, you know how fast the newbie stage goes and you'll be sleeping again in no time.....remind me of this same thing when it's my turn LOL

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PS, make sure if you do intro the soother to offer breast first and then soother if the breast is refused (chances are the breast will not be refused Smile )