Sophia Taylor FINALLY arrived! **Updated with PICS!**

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Sophia Taylor FINALLY arrived! **Updated with PICS!**

After 2 weeks in the stressful limbo of pre-labor and 2 days of active labor, I reached 42 weeks and had not budged past 4 cm despite all my efforts. So between myself, my husband and our midwife we made the decision to go ahead and head to the hospital. When we arrived at 4pm I was having contractions 6 min apart. The worst part of my whole birth story was getting settled in to the hospital and getting my blood drawn to be specific, It took 3 nurses, each permitted three painful, futile and stressful attempts before they got any blood from me. By the time they finished, I was bruised up and down both arms and in tears from pain and frustration. I knew at that point I was getting the epidural. I knew there was no way I was ever going to relax enough to move forward otherwise. The epidural went smoothly though I was surprised how strong it was and more than a little put off at how difficult it was to move my legs. And the catheter! UHG! Discomfort to the MAX! I accepted a low dose of pitocin because as expected, my contractions began to taper off. With the help of my hypnobirth plan I managed to slip myself into a relaxed mental place and let myself simply tune out for a few hours (during which my water broke on its own, yay!). When they checked on me next I was 9cm! Another hour passed and I was ready to start pushing. For me the pushing was the easiest. It was an effort but I knew every push I gave 110% meant I was that much closer. Sophia was sunny side up and having some dips in her heart rate, so they told me they where only going to let me push for so long before they moved me for a c-sec. NO WAY! I gave it everything I had and made excellent progress. After an hour pushing, Sophia popped into the world and was perfect! 6lbs 2.4oz and 19 inches long. I only had a small tear thanks to my little girl. Recovery has been going very well. We left the hospital Monday evening much to the dissatisfaction of the hospital staff who like to keep you there two days. But I was fine, baby was perfect and I knew I would heal better in my own home. I've been doing very well and so has baby. She has dropped down to 5lbs 12oz while I was waiting for my milk to come in. I ended up supplementing with formula because I knew my little girl was needing more than I could give her. I am happy to say my milk finally came in today and she is on a breast milk only diet! SO HAPPY! I opted to have my placenta encapsulated and those pills just arrived today so I am looking forward to starting them tonight. Sophia is sleeping very well at night in increments of several hours. She falls asleep after a feeding like CLOCKWORK and only fusses when she is hungry. Her disposition is so chill and while I know that could all change, it has been a very nice way to start things off. We are still having difficulty breast feeding but my birth center has and continues to be AMAZINGLY supportive, letting me just drop in whenever to breast feed there and get all the guidance and help and encouragement I could need. After our first appointment with the pediatrician, I was in tears! They where honestly just so mean to my husband and I over some of our choices that didn't fit their neat little expectations. I went to my midwife after and had an amazing breastfeeding/bonding session and left feeling 110% better! We decided to drop that pediatrician immediately and have an appointment with a new one tomorrow. Here's hoping it goes better because I am not going to be made to feel like a bad mom just because I am a new mom. All in all, I am one VERY happy mommy with a DH who has been incredible!! Right now we are working in shifts where I watch and take care of Sophia while he gets errands done and has some "him time" and then he watches her while I get as much done around the house as I can and have some "me time". Friday night we are passing baby to his mom so we can have some "us time"

DH and I just hours away from delivery

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Welcome to the world little Sophia!!!
Looking forward to your birth story momma! So glad she's here! Enjoy your snuggle time Biggrin

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Welcome to the world, Sophia. Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pictures! Glad she has finally arrived, enjoy your baby moon!

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such a tiny little peanut. it sounds like she really benefited from those last two weeks. Looking forward to pics Smile

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Its a good thing that she had a couple extra weeks it looks like. Sorry that it was so physically painful for you near the end though. Glad she is finally here! Looking forward to pics and to hear your story.

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So glad she's finally here!!! Congrats and WTTW Sophia!!! Can't wait to see pics!