Sorry I been MIA...

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Sorry I been MIA...

Knock on wood....while I still have some MS here and there, it has subsided some and I at least feel its not controlling my life. I was HONESTLY so miserable.... I ama big baby when it comes to being sick and I hate feeling incapacitated - which is pretty much how I felt. Then also, I was having some issues at work... well I just took on a whole new attitude about my command and I know its wrong off one person, but in my eyes this person represents the command and the whole situation just pissed me off... in a nutshell one of the individuals (male) high in my chain of command, decided to have a talk with me about my pregnancy... asking what it a surprise? How long do they give you all off now a days (uh you know the instruction!)? What are your restrictions? How is this going to affect your career? How many is this for you now? Three or Four?? I was trying to be respectful and pleasant as possible..... but the way he came at me - you would have thought it was his baby?! I was SO P***** OFF.... He is 40 years old with no kids, so he understands nothing. It just puts me in a whole difference place now when it comes to my job. On a more positive note, I took the kids out yesterday for the first in a while - I scheduled a play date for my youngest one - I have a friend who has 2 girls, 4 and 5 and she lives an hour away but I thought it'd be nice - the kids played, we talked... my oldest one who is 16 even chatted with us and then we all went to lunch and called it a day. So anyway, I am still here - still exhausted LOL Still frustrated some days... but overall doing better Smile And even though I havent always been posting, I still peek in to make sure everyone is doing well Smile Thanks for listening!!

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Glad you are feeling better. I am starting to have more better days too. I'm a HUGE baby about being sick, so DH is glad that phase is almost over.

Sucks about your command. Hopefully he meant well with his questions even though some of them were out of line. I'm lucky, my boss is a male, but he's really cool about the whole thing. He's more protective than anything lol.