Starting to swell

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Starting to swell

We're finally getting pretty good weather in Chicagoland, and boy does DS love it! We ran a few errands in the AM then went to the park for the afternoon. I didn't realized until I took my socks off for the night that my ankles were swelling! They weren't huge, but still larger than normal. I can only imagine how bad this might get over the next couple months. My rings are getting a little tighter as well, but not enough to take them off yet.

Anyone else starting to notice swelling?

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I've noticed that my wedding rings get tight off and on - I've started getting smart and not wearing them to bed. And occassionally I notice that I'm retaining water in my ankles. Other than that, nothing else out of the norm... but I'm sure the worst is coming. LOL

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I am also swollen. I can't wear rings...socks leave dents...etc.etc.

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I had a few days of swelling a couple weeks ago when it got hot here in IL. Thankfully once it cooled a bit I was much better. I've only ever swelled with my oldest and this will be my 4th summer pregnancy so I'm hoping it goes more like my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies and that was the last of the swelling I'll see. I know when I do too much I do get a little swollen but what I had a couple weeks ago was the most I've had since my first pregnancy when I was working. I'm thinking this remodeling and the heat are not going to be a good combination when you throw in 2 little kids to chase as well, I guess we shall see though.

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So far I have been lucky and haven't had any swelling, but we have had some warm weather here too.

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I've been lucky without any swelling either. But I have a feeling it'll happen as the summer gets going.

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I've only noticed it in my fingers when it's really warm. Once I'm cooled down, it goes away, though. The only reason I noticed it because my rings become difficult to move! I hope it doesn't get too bad!

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I haven't had any swelling in my hands, my rings still fit the same as before I was pregnant, but I have noticed these last two days that when I get home from work my legs from the knee down look a little puffier than usual.