"Stinging" Skin

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"Stinging" Skin

This might sound a little strange; but, rather than my stomach itching like it usually has when my skin is stretching, it's been "stinging" off and on. I've been keeping my clothes off my stomach as much as I can because I find that just irritates it even more. It doesn't look red or rashy or anything. Does anyone know what it could be? I haven't changed my laundry detergent (plus, it's just happening to the skin on my stomach).

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it could just be the stretching. have you noticed any stretch marks? I didn't get any with DS1 but with DS2 my stomach was quite a bit larger and that's how it felt to me, after the birth I noticed I did get a few stretch marks.

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mine has been doing the same thing this pregnancy. I didn't get any stretch marks with DS, but this pregnancy I've noticed a few and they do sting from the stretching skin.
But I agree, it feels better not to have clothes on them. I have a feeling I'll be topless during labour to keep everything off my belly! LOL! Sports bras here I come!

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I have had this a bit too and I think it is from stretching skin and muscles.