Summer Plans?

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Summer Plans?

I know we are all due in Aug and many of us will not want to venture too far from home, doing a ton of walking or sit in the sun - but does anybody have any exciting plans this summer before the baby (or babies) arrive? If you are not vacationing or doing anything particularly exciting, what would you be doing if you werent preparing for a baby - or what do you wish you were doing?

I am not going anywhere exciting except the San Diego county fair if that counts. DH comes homes in about a month so he may want to take the kids to do something fun - I said I am ok with Sea World or something but he has to take the girls to Disney himself if thats what they want to do (and thats what it sounds like LOL) - too much walking, too much heat for me. Sea World is a little smaller and has shows to sit through - but Disney is nothing but walking and standing in line LOL As for what I wish - if I go could to Turks and Caicos or somewhere within the Polynesian Islands - Bora Bora, Fiji, etc - that would be my ultimate dream Wink Or being a Twilight fan (and a dork LOL) Esme Island in Brazil - which is actually just part of or off of Rio, I believe ... I googled it that Case de Paratay (I think is the name) is like $4,000 a night so that is a TOTAL wish and never would I pay that per night anywhere, even if I could afford it - which I cant hahaha