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Holy CARP. So, just last week, my feet and ankles started swelling - getting bigger throughout the day until they look like they could pop by the time I go to bed at night. I've been trying to have them up as much as possible, but that's virtually impossible when you work at a desk all day, and then have to go sit through kids' sports and activities every night! I know that you're supposed to drink lots of water to help alleviate the swelling, but I'm already doing that, and it's not helping. *sigh*

Is anyone else dealing with this??

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Yes! My feet look like Shrek feet most days. I do the same things as you, sit at a desk, etc......my doctor isn't concerned this point, because everything else is good.

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Yes I am swelling also! I didn't really swell much at all with my last baby and she was born in September, so I was pregnant all summer. This time around is so different...maybe cause the summer heat is already so hot. Does keeping your feet up help? I didn't know that...will try to start doing that more.

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lurker from sept. Ive been swelling almost every day the last month. As long as I keep hydrated and try to keep my feet up when possible, its alright. I also read as long as its not spreading constantly to your face/hands and mainly sticking to your feet thats ok and normal, plus its been soooo hot it doesnt help either. Ive also noticed if I go for a little walk it helps keep it down.

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I have been swelling too - some in my hands but mostly in my feet ... the heat doesnt help either. It was 104 here the other day, yesterday wasnt too bad - it was hot but muggy, it was slighlyt rainy whih helped a little. I too keep up with the water and when it gets bad, kick up my feet.

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Same here...

I'm told to cut back on salt, and that should help!

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Yes, I am swollen too!

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Yes, I've been swelling some. It's seems the more I walk the worse it is. My building is big so just a trip to the bathroom is a bit of a walk, especially if one is closed for cleaning.

My agents (the people I manage) threaten to duct tape me to the chair all the time and they made me a make shift foot stool to help keep my feet up some.

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I swear my co-worker cursed me on Monday, she asked if my feet had been swelling because hers did when she was pregnant and I told her that my ankles looked a little puffy by the time I got home but nothing major....hahaha...next day my feet swell up like balloons and do so everyday now. I stand for 6 hours straight at work, so it doesn't help at all. I had my 35 week appt on wed. and the nurse just told me to cut back on salt and keep my feet up when I can. My blood pressure was fine so they weren't worried about it. I'm so glad this is my last week of work, I get totally exhausted from all the constant standing!