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Anyone have any plans for the weekend?

It's my niece's 4th birthday today, so we're celebrating tomorrow with cake and presents! Biggrin I still can't believe she's 4! The time flys WAY too fast!

Then on Sunday I'm going to meet my friend's little guy for the first time (baby #2, she also has a DD who is 22mo)! She had her son 3 weeks ago and I've been dying to get my hands on him!!!! I can't wait to meet him and get some new baby snuggles! *sigh* I love newborns!

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super exciting weekend for me!!

Tonight I'm going to see the Hunger Games with my BFF (your sister Al, LOL) and then tomorrow we're taking the kids to see Imagination Movers in concert for the kids birthdays. My DS and my BFF's DD are born 2 days apart, we met here on PO. on Sunday it's my DS1's 4th birthday so we're having a small family get together with cake and presents. This weekend will be action packed, but it's going to go by too fast Sad

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Well, tonight I get to clean house to get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I will be going to a local multiples club's used clothing and equipment sale, and in the afternoon we have my twins' 9th birthday party. The girls will be having a friend sleep over Saturday night, and then Sunday we will be working on getting all of our stuff ready for the garage sale we have coming up at the end of the month. I have a really busy weekend ahead of me, and unfortunately, it's supposed to rain all weekend here! Sad

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Lots of birthdays this weekend! DS1 turns 5 on Monday. Every year he chooses one activity to do for his birthday and one friend to join him, so tomorrow we're taking him and a friend of his to the aquarium. Sunday will be birthday prep (cake, present wrapping, etc). Otherwise, I'm hoping to spend a lot of time just sitting! My joints have been so sore today.