Thursday is the day!!- Updated!

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Thursday is the day!!- Updated!

I have my schedule C-section on Thursday. Praying everything goes well and the recovery will be smooth this time. It was very bad last time so I am really needing prayers!!

Thanks ladies and I will update after I get back!

Update: The surgery went really well and a week later tomorrow, I don't feel like I even had the C-section. I am doing almost all of the things that I normally do. My daughter Shelby was born and weighed 7lbs 4 ozs. She is so beautiful and precious. Sleeping is going ok... as well as can be expected and nursing is going good also. I can't complain too much.

Sorry it isn't more descriptive....

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I'll be right behind you! T&P!

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Good luck on Thursday! Biggrin

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Good luck on Thursday! I don't recover well from c/s's, they really do a number on me. Both of mine have been hard but I will definitely say the first was the worst, the 2nd wasn't near as bad. They took their time and were a lot more gentle that time around and it made a world of difference in my recovery.

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Good luck on your c/s. Mine is Tuesday. I'm nervous about it! Make sure to keep us updated.

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Good luck! My prayers will be with you.

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exciting, can't wait to hear the news

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Good luck! Can't wait to hear the news!

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Hope to hear an update from you soon! Hope everything went smooth.