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TMI Question

I googled; but, I couldn't find anything...

Obviously, it's normal to have discharge/fluid/etc. during pregnancy... I have for the past few weeks and there's been no odor. BUT, for the last two days, I've had more of a "menstrual-like" odor without noticing any real change in the discharge. Did anyone experience this? Is it normal or something to be worried about? I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning; so, I might ask about it then. I'm doubting it's anything to be concerned about if I haven't noticed any other changes...

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It may be that you are starting to have cervical changes. That happened to me the day I lost my plug with DS2... and I vaguely remember it also happening with DD when I had started dilating.

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I do know in the third Tri your hormone levels increase as well, it could very well be what the PP said and the hormone balance. Some days I know I'm more "fragrant" than others. As long as there's no real change in colour oconsistency (sp?) than I wouldn't worry.