TMI Questions

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TMI Questions

So my water broke w/ DD #1...I labored until 7cm, contractions weren't bad, but I still wanted an epidural...and had her...
The other 2 I was induced labored w/ pit until 5ish (Pit contractions SUCK) and had them...

I never went into labor before another way...
SO, the past week my contractions are IRREGULAR, but painful (which is good) I have BAD cramping and diarrhea. YUCK...(SORRY, TMI)
Lots of Contractions too...but nothing timed...and honestly they are not too bad...I do have to lay down though...take a bit of breath away.
BUT, what is the cramping? Is that normal? I never have had cramping. I have no discharge or anything...
He seems high still...
I don't feel like I'm in labor or will go into labor...

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My first thought is positioning. If the baby is facing forward instead of toward your back, it can really cause lots of cramping and back labor. My suggestion is to spend lots of time on your hands and knees, or draped forward over a birth ball... or take a look at spinningbabies... it's worth a try - it definitely can't hurt! Smile

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Thank you:0)
I will try the hands and knees...I could go pick up all the blocks in my living room...hahah! Josie got into them and they are everywhere...haha!

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Im' surprised that lying down helps. I find that leaning over with my arms crossed on something soft (arm of couch, high bed), and swaying my hips a little bit helps a HUGE amount for contractions. If there is truly a bunch of cramping, I wuold see about getting a chiropractor appointment (help get baby repositionned), some leaning on a couch, weeding, or floor scrubbing could be in order...

In fact, with DD, I found that the little bit of truning and hip circling got baby in the right spot instantly (popped from 8-10cm in a matter of a finger snap). I made a concentrated effort at DS2's birth to do that a whole bunch and it was my fastest active labour yet at about 1h15min.

Hope the cramping isn't too bad. Had it terribly with DS1, but last two were easy-peasy... in fact, the midwife was surprised when I was absolutely coherent through DS2's entire birth. "Where's the ____?", "I put it under the sink in the ______. Just a sec (contraction). Oh there's a head - I can feel it. Joke with DH. Hold it. (Contraction)..." Don't know if it was just easier becuase things were lined up properly, or if the hip swaying actually helped.

I think it might be something about having subsequent babies too...

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The laying down helps cause it gets him out of my lungs...haha. Easier to breath with the contrax.
Today I have had an upset stomach...not as many contrax...but minor cramping. Apt. is tomorrow. :0)
I will try the hip circles!:0) How do you do them?

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I'm going to add to the TMI questions... For the last 3-4 days, I've been really nauseous and almost having to run to the bathroom after eating (especially, in the morning). The BM are always loose and, some, almost to the point of diarrhea. I haven't changed anything I've been eating. Is it normal for this to happen in the later stages of pregnancy? It's almost to the point that I'm considering going off work earlier because I'm so drained from feeling so crappy!