Today's Appt

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Today's Appt

Well, I was back down 2 lbs, which was kinda nice to hear. She finally did a cervical check, and now I wish I hadn't heard. Barely effacing and no dilation. URGH!!!! On a good note (I suppose) he's dropped even lower and she can feel his head full engaged and grinding down. So here's hoping something happens soon. I know not to let the dilation get to me because you could walk around for a month at 3cm or go from 0-10 within hours, but it's still depressing to hear when with everything you're feeling makes you think something must be happening.

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I hear you but I think once things happen, they will happen - if you know what I mean... I also had a cervial check today for the first time... it was uncomfortable as heck let me just say. But watch you will be the next one to go into labor Wink

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I totally understand when you feel like you've made progress and you haven't but it will all be over soon enough!

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I'm sorry, Rachel. But really, just like you said, it means nothing. I've been dilated to 1cm for weeks, now, and nothing's happening... I wish it would, but it's not. lol

The fact that your baby is riding low, though, makes a big difference! That pressure from his head can dilate you fast once it all starts! Try to stay positive, hon!!

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Why does my stupid computer DP all the time?? Blah!

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That's why I'm not getting cervical checks this pregnancy! Saves the aggrivation. With DS I was at 9cm for 10 hours. I was at 9cm at 9pm, then my water broke at 10:30pm and that took be back down to 8cm! then I got back to 9cm and stayed there until I was finally 10cm and ready to push at 7:20am! Oy!
I'd rather not know and just work with my body. I think knowing my dilation discouraged me most. Because I kept thinking "I'm so close" and then another hour would go by...

Hopefully you're one of those 0-10 in a few short hours kind of women! That would be nice!