Totally Impatient!

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Totally Impatient!

Okay, I'm DYING to know the gender of this baby!!! I never remember being this impatient before! I think it's because we want so badly for this baby to be a boy...

Is anyone else feeling that way right now?? I still have like 7 weeks to go before we find out!

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YES! I am only 12 weeks and am just dying to know! It really does not matter to me whether the baby is a boy or girl - I am just sooo curious to know what I am carrying! I am having the NT scan at 13 weeks and, even though I know this is less than possible, I know you are able to tell the gender at 13 weeks and am secretly hoping to sneak a peak! haha

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We're waiting to find out the sex of the baby. It doesn't matter either way, so I figure no sense in finding out. Especially since I've known 3 women who found out via u/s and then the baby came out the opposite sex (and one of those ladies even had a 3D u/s!!!). I realize that the chances of the u/s being wrong are really low, but still, I like to see first with my own eyes.

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I have SUCH an urge to shop! I really cannot wait until I know whether I am having a little girl or little boy! I may have to start picking up some gender neutral things to fulfill this urge that has built up! haha

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I am dying to know as well. I'm bugging my husband to start pestering his aunt to see if she can do a gender scan for us in about 4 weeks.. which is 4 weeks earlier than my OB does them.

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Same! We want a boy too!!! I get another u/s in 4 weeks, so i'm crossing my fingers that this little person shows us whats he/she is packin Smile

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My husband and I must have something wrong with us because we are in no hurry to find out. All of our friends and family are dying to know and have offered to pay for the early ultrsound, but we just feel like waiting. We must enjoy the guessing game and the fun in envisioning what our lives will be like either way. Or perhaps I'm enjoying the excuse of not being able to do the nursery, the shopping, the registry, or anything else because I don't know the sex of the baby yet Smile Once I know the sex, I know I'll start stressing on everything we need to do!