"ugh" day today

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"ugh" day today

I felt ok when I woke up and got ready for work this morning (last day is Friday) despite being up evey 2 hours to pee all night. But from there I felt worse and worse. I took my pills (prenatal vitamin, blood pressure pill and iron supplement) and then didn't eat for a while (which could have been my mistake as the iron pill can cause nausea). Anyway got to work and decided to park in the expensive lot next to my building and then went upstairs. Made a pit stop in the bathroom on the way in - and then vomited my guts up!!! It was awful. I ended up feeling better after that BT what an unpleasant way to start the day. (vomiting in any toilet (or at all) is unlleasant but vomiting in a public toilet is even worse)!
The rest of the day went well - until I got a parking ticket (11 minutes late) for $32. The guy was putting he ticket on my car as I waddled towards him but no break for fat pregnant chicks.
Sigh. Hope tomorrow and friday go better. Then 26 weeks of freedom!!!!! (well actually 26 weeks of bein a slave to my family is more likely). Smile

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Uhg!! What kind of jerk tickets a pregnant woman over 11 minutes!? Some people just suck.

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Ugh - sorry you had an icky day... at least the upside is that you only have 2 more days of work! Biggrin I'm jealous - I'm working right up until I have this baby, so I could be working for another month or more...

I hope today is much better!

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I'm jealous!! I wish I only had two days of work left! I have four weeks!!!!!!! Sad

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I'm sorry it was such a yucky day! Just repeat the mantra 2 Days!!!

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I’m with you… I’m just exhausted these days. I could hardly get out of bed this morning, and I’ve been exhausted all week after lunch. In fact, I went home at 4pm the other day and just crashed. Dh is taking today and tomorrow off, and I just don’t want to be here. Next week I’m taking a week off (vacation), but then my last week is the week after. Ugh. I’m just done right now. Tryng to get a better perspective, but it’s just not working. Fortunately I’m not puking, though.

I’m trying to make sure that I’m drinking enough water and eating enough protein. That could be a reason for the exhaustion.

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OH man! I hope you have a better day!
11 minutes late? Gimme a break! Zero sympathy Sad

I wish I had 2 days left. I have 2 weeks. Last day Aug 3. Hopefully it comes quickly!

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"azin_may" wrote:

I wish I had 2 days left. I have 2 weeks. Last day Aug 3. Hopefully it comes quickly!

With you on that... but saved up some vacation time knowing I wouldn't want to be here... but also knowing that Aug 1 is the day that I get my salary increase, so I had better work past that!