Update & U/S Pics

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Update & U/S Pics

Hi ladies! I have been kind of in and out, lately... feeling so crappy that I haven't really cared to even get on the computer, let alone post anything. I seriously cannot wait until this first tri is OVER. *sigh*

Anyway, I had an appt. with my OB again yesterday, and he did another u/s to date the pregnancy. He moved my EDD up to August 16th, so I am officially 9 weeks today. We got to see our little bean, and the heartbeat! Biggrin It was awesome, because at my first u/s, there was no h/b so it was a little scary. The OB said everything is going perfect with the pregnancy, and we go back on Feb 15th. I'll be 14 weeks, then, so we will schedule my 20 week u/s at that appt. and yadda yadda yadda... lol

I've been really struggling with this pg... I'm so tired all the time, and I am SO sick of feeling like crap. Seriously, I am so thankful to be having this baby, but I find myself just depressed because I haven't felt good in over a month... and all I can think of is that I have an entire month OR MORE left of this crappy stuff! I can't even take my prenatal vitamins anymore because they make me feel even worse! My work is being affected, and so are my husband and kids. Though my DH has been so incredible to me so far during this pregnancy!! He has really stepped up with the other three kids, and has waited on me hand and foot when I am really feeling awful. He even came home from his Thursday night pool league one night without playing because he knew I was having a particularly horrible night - and he came bearing flowers! He's so wonderful...

Anyway, I just needed to vent, I guess...

I hope everything is going well for all of you ladies!

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First, great pic! Seeing and hearing the heartbeat for the first time is always a huge relief. Keep your chin up the icky feeling. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow and I'm already starting to feel better from the sickness. No 100% yet, but I can finally open the fridge without gagging. So I find that a step in the right direction.

I'm glad your DH is being so helpful. Good Luck and get to feeling better!

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Sorry you are feeling so crappy. I know, it's so hard to be excited when you feel so terrible. But it WILL get better. Don't feel guilty, just look forward to that second trimester when our hormones are better regulated and we can enjoy this. I hope you get some relief SOON!

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I know that very early u/s don't usually show heartbeats, but I know I would still be anxious until I saw one. I'm so glad you are, I can imagine it was a relief for you.

Sorry you're feeling so crummy. At least you are a little further along than you thought, hopefully that means relief is on its way sooner.

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It sucks that you are feeling bad. I think we all are but soon it will be over! I'm a bit further behind everyone else hehe. I got to see a flicker of heartbeat on my u/s and it does bring such a great sense of relief.

Hope you feel better soon and thanks for updating us.

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Remember if its a girl its mine! Mwahahahahha ;). I'm glad everything is looking good, sorry you are feeling crappy, come on second trie!