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Update on Us

Hi everyone - sorry I've been MIA - this is the first time I've been online on the actual computer since I went into labor. Posting on my phone is a PITA, so I didn't bother.

I started writing my birth story, but realized that it was way too long to write it all tonight, so I'll post it this weekend after I've had time to write it all out. But what it comes down to is that I feel awesome about the birth that I had and my baby is wonderful! Smile He is nursing wonderfully, and I am having very little nipple pain compared to my previous times, so he's a champion nurser with a great latch. My milk really came in yesterday, so I'm in a bit of pain - I can't wait for my supply to regulate, but it's great for little Joey. LOL He was born at 6lbs 11oz, and was 6lbs 4oz at discharge on Wednesday. Today (Friday) we went in for his first peds appt and he was 6lbs 7oz, so my milk is already doing its job. :).

I'm feeling pretty good - I had my placenta encapsulated, so I am thinking it might have something to do with it. But I've been pretty tired - mostly because Joey is not sleeping AT ALL at night. The second you put him down he starts to cry. However, we may have had a breakthrough today - he actually slept for about a half hour in the cosleeper this afternoon, and for quite a bit of time this evening in his bouncer. So maybe I can get some sleep tonight.

Anyway, I should probably get myself to bed so I can try to get a jump on some sleep. I hope that everyone is doing well - congrats to all the new mommies on the board and good luck to those who might go into labor in the next day or so. Smile I'll come back with the birth story in the next couple of days. Smile

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So glad to hear all went well! Hope he starts sleeping more soon. Can't wait to hear the birth story! Smile

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hopefully now that your milk is in he'll start sleeping more.

No worries about being MIA! You have a newborn! You're allowed! Biggrin
Can't wait for your birth story and PICS!!!!

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Congratulations and glad everything is going so well!

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Thanks for the update! Glad he is nursing well and I really hope he gets into a good sleeping pattern soon for both your sakes. Looking forward to reading the birth story.

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great to hear he's doing so well and so are you. My BFF is going to be encapsulating for me too, I'm excited to see the difference in my energy level this time, which I 'll need with 3 kids lol.

I hope you got some sleep last night.

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Glad to hear that everything went well. Can't wait to read your birth story and see some pictures! Rest well.