Webster Technique

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Webster Technique

I'm looking for some opinions, experiences with this technique, etc. I'm actually highly considering it, as there is a certified chiropractor just down the street from me; but, I'm not the most trusting of chiropractors to begin with and am just worried about going to one for the first time, pregnant!

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I went to a chiro for the first time during this pregnancy. I've always been suspicious of chiros but my sciatic pain was so unbearable I could hardly walk, so I went to a chiro recommended by a friend. Two visits was all it took; I have had no sciatic pain since then (June). I am so glad I went despite my hesitations.

Regarding the Webster technique in particular, I have heard only good things about it and would definitely try it first if I had a breech baby at this point. I don't, however, have any personal experience with it.

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I've heard nothing but good things about it, too! I think my only hesitation is myself... I just keep thinking that one wrong move by a chiropractor could cause serious injury! At this point, though, I'm pretty willing to try it!

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Get your butt in there!!! What the heck are you waiting on?!?!

I'm a HUGE fan of chiros so I guess I don't really understand the concern others have (we go as a family to the chiro every month for basic maintenance). Besides, the Webster technique isn't like popping you like normal appts are. Here, read this, it's about the Webster technique. The husband of the lady that wrote this article is a chiro.

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I have never went to the Chiro while pregnant but I have used a Chiro in the past and they are amazing! Given me lots of pain relief.