Weekend plans?

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Weekend plans?

Its 0630 here and I will be getting DD's up for dance here in a bit - my youngest has class but my oldest is going to ride along. She is finished at 1015 so we are going to have lunch after that and DD#2 wants to go swimming today - so I am considering if I want to be so bold to go to the Community Rec Center or not. I bought a bikini LOL - well the swim shorts and a bikini top- I know DH wants to take the kids to the waterpark when he comes back, thats one thing the girls are banking on and I figured at the rate I am growing I will just do a 2 piece since I know I wont "grow out of it" and also this will be the only time in my life I feel comfortable in a 2 piece, since I have an excuse to have a belly LOL But my hopes really were just to take them to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I said we could hang out today but tomorrow I REALLY need to rest. So Im not sure if I want to do the pool or movies or what?

It has been a LONG week, I havent been on as much just being so tired then DD#2 had a classmate die this week in a car accident - it was HORRIBLY SAD! She was so upset and then the school opened up the football field for folks to come and grieve that evening, we were there until 2330 (11:30pm) and I had work the next day so it was exhausting but I more so felt bad for the kids who were hurting so bad - DD#2 was crying so hard she could barely catch her breath.... and the family, I cant imagine losing my teenager like that. 3 other kids are still hospitalized. Then she started summer basketball and already had her first game... so its been a long week.

Anyway, not to saddened the mood of the post - what are everyone's plans this weekend?! Our county fair arrived too - it will be here until the 4th of July so I am trying to see when I will be brave enough to take the kids... it will def be at night, no heat for this pregnant mama LOL

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Today we are working around the house - I'm hoping to sort some yard sale stuff (if DH carries it down from the attic!); tomorrow, I clean, watch the NASCAR race and have a graduation party for my nephew.

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I'm sorry to hear about your DD's friend! It's so sad and unfortunate when these things happen! I hope your DD is coping with it as best she can!

This weekend I'm cleaning in preparation for a visit from my parents and then I have a surprise baby shower for one of my friends tomorrow! The rest of the weekend will just be meant for relaxation!

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I'm sorry to hear about your DD's friend. It's never easy when children lose someone their own age and car accidents are always sudden and tragic. My thoughts are with her and for the family who lost as well.

I bruised my tailbone on Tuesday - so I am actually off until Monday or I'd be working all weekend. Today we are going to pick up a few things we still need for baby and tomorrow we have a party for my cousin's little girl - she'll be 3.

Unfortunately DH is not happy that I told him tomorrow I wanna work on doing a deep cleaning of the kitchen.